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    21 Hilarious Tweets About Thanksgiving That Will Make The Holidays A Bit More Tolerable

    Friend: What are you going to make for Thanksgiving? Me: Probably a scene...

    1. A feeling we can all relate to.

    When you full asf at thanksgiving dinner and ya grandma puts more food on your plate

    @scumcityceo / Via Twitter

    2. Rule of Culture #41: you're not considered an alcoholic if it's over the holidays.

    rt if at any point this thanksgivin you hid in the bathroom with a bottle of rosé

    @maebirdwing / Via Twitter

    3. Turkeys count as friends, right?

    Isn't it annoying when you're having dinner with your in-laws and they don't exist because no one loves you enough to marry you?

    @meganamram / Via Twitter

    4. 2 stars -- wouldn't recommend.

    My Grandma was not pleased with my YELP review last year, but I wasn't impressed with her lackluster cranberry sauce. Hope she stepped it up

    @samgrittner / Via Twitter

    5. It's good to stay positive over the holiday season.

    Today's Thanksgiving craft. Building a tiny box in my soul to silently scream into during the family gatherings tomorrow.

    @badbanana / Via Twitter

    6. What we're all thinking when the food coma hits...

    If I never wake up from this food coma, please tell my family I died doing what I love. #Thanksgiving

    @harikondabolu / Via Twitter

    7. For everyone who knows that Christmas officially starts the day after Thanksgiving.

    I carry a stone around to throw at anyone I hear singing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. I call it my Jingle Bell Rock.

    @papasuncle / Via Twitter

    8. Gobble gobble.

    Thanksgiving Turkeys probably feel less fearful of death knowing how many of them will have a second life on @instagram.

    @carrie_rachel / Via Twitter

    9. No, I don't want to see that picture of your kids, Linda

    Stay in shape this Thanksgiving by running away every time you see someone you went to high school with.

    @kevinfarzard / Via Twitter

    10. Definitely better than the generic mass texts.

    What means the most to me today is every single company I've ever ordered anything from emailing me "Happy Thanksgiving!"

    @juliusshape / Via Twitter

    11. The true meaning of Thanksgiving.

    #Thanksgiving is an American holiday where the entire family comes together to shit in one guest toilet.

    @nickspears / Via Twitter

    12. When you wonder why the people don't float away like in Up?

    Every year I hope someone in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade just stops, looks around, and says "Guys, what the fuck are we all doing"

    @chasemit / Via Twitter

    13. Pass the gravy!

    [Thanksgiving] Who's ready for dinner?! *family starts going nuts* Ok here it comes! *fires turkeys across the room out of a t-shirt cannon*

    @brampersandon_ / Via Twitter

    14. Ugh, you always make the same thing...

    Friend: What are you going to make for Thanksgiving? Me: Probably a scene.

    @alisonleiby / Via Twitter

    15. As per my previous email:

    "Did you have a great thanksgiving?" Uhm it was okay *coworker gets beet red in face* "I said "have a GREAT thanksgiving" on Wednesday pal"

    @internetluke / Via Twitter

    16. It's a boy!

    [Thanksgiving at the In-laws] Me (patting wife’s belly): “Remember you’re eating for two now” Mother-in-law (smiling): “You mean...” Me: “That’s right. She’s got a tapeworm”

    @wheeltod / Via Twitter

    17. Does anyone actually eat that stuff anyways?!

    *builds time machine* *travels back to first Thanksgiving* *slaps cranberries out of pilgrim's hand* You're not making this a thing

    @buckyisotope / Via Twitter

    18. Choices.

    THANKSGIVING: I'm thankful for this beautiful world we live in BLACK FRIDAY: *beats an old lady to death with a 42" Vizio LCD Smart TV*

    @matt__nelson / Via Twitter

    19. The spray tan from his last vacation definitely adds to the authenticity.

    This Thanksgiving for the first time ever, your drunk uncle will seem quite “presidential.”

    @conanobrien / Via Twitter

    20. The most unappreciated role...

    My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is watching someone else do the dishes.

    @sixfootcandy / Via Twitter

    21. And when your workout can wait until New Years.

    My thigh gap is looking fresh as hell

    @meganamram / Via Twitter