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14 Things You'll Just Get If You Can't Stand The Christmas Season

Ho, ho, ~no~

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When Christmas songs get a little ~too~ personal.

"I don't want a lot for Christmas." Later... "All I want for Christmas is you." EXACTLY WHAT DOES THAT DO FOR MY SELF-CONFIDENCE, MARIAH.

@sacha_is_good / Via Twitter

The insensitivity expressed towards all Christmas sweaters.

Sorry I can't make it, all I have are beautiful Christmas sweaters.

@primawesome / Via Twitter

Having to fake excitement for the dozens of socks you receive each year.

Nothing like opening Christmas gifts to remind you that the people you're closest to in the world know absolutely nothing about you.

@juliussharpe / Via Twitter

The complete disregard for science.

Based upon the altitude, speed, and open design of that sled Santa would be dead of hyopthermia after taking off. Merry Christmas!

@therealcliffyb / Via Twitter

Rick Astley...

for the 7th year in a row, Rick Astley refuses to give his wife her favorite Pixar movie for Christmas

@DanMentos / Via Twitter

The nightmare that is Christmas music.

Scary that at any moment, I could be sharing the road with drivers who look safe, but in reality, are willingly listening to Christmas music

@bridger_w / Via Twitter

Trying to get into the holiday spirit at work.

Made this so when my boss shouts at me through his office door, it's more festive.

@MrLloydSpandex / Via Twitter

Dealing with the eye-sores that are Christmas decorations.

Multi-colored lights are the Crocs of Christmas.

@GayAtHomeDad / Via Twitter

Not understanding why people ~lose their shit~ over the new Starbucks holiday cups.

The new #StarbucksRedCup is extremely anti-Christmas & wrong

@briangaar / Via Twitter

Being confused as to how Santa can get around the world in one night when you can't even get out of bed in the morning.

[Christmas 12:15am] Mrs. Claus: Shouldn't you have left by now? Santa: [throwing couch cushions] WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY KEYS

@pleatedjeans / Via Twitter

Having to deal with ~that friend~.

mery christmas! i got u a gift "oh wow im sory i didnt get u anything" yes u did!! the feeling of moral superiority. this will last all year

@jonnysun / Via Twitter

Utter frustration with having to watch all of the highly-trained and qualified reindeers being replaced with a newer model.

"Um wow okay" -all of Santa's other reindeer

What we all truly want for Christmas.

Make my wish come true. All I want for Christmas is you(r HBO GO password).

@hipstermermaid / Via Twitter

And getting to spend time with the one's you love most.

Any tree can be a Christmas tree if you yell at your family around it.

@weinerdog4life / Via Twitter
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