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    31 Wardrobe Additions That Basically Say, "Why Yes, I Am A Sophisticated Adult"

    Looking put together has never been so easy.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A turtleneck sweater that'll elevate all of your looks way more than that dinky old sweater you've owned for far too long can.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a light brown sweater, dark jeans, and brown over the knee boots

    2. A pair of Levi's straight-leg ankle-length jeans you'll want to wear every day because of how comfortable, versatile, *and* stylish they are.

    Model is wearing grey washing straight ankle denim jeans, a white top, and black combat boots

    3. A leather cross-body bag that's just the perfect size to fit all of your daily essentials but also small enough to not make you feel like you're carrying a duffel bag everywhere. I just can't vibe with the big tote bags, I'm so sorry.

    Model is taking black glasses out of a burnt orange-colored leather crossbody bag

    4. A bodycon dress to wear to literally to any event you can think of. Dress it up with some boots, a leather jacket, and accessories for a night out or sneakers and a denim jacket for a casual day date. The possibilities are ~endless~.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a black dress

    5. A chiffon blouse you'll wear so much, people will start wondering if it's the only top you own. Don't worry, though, because you can buy it in 20 colors! Pair it with some trousers and loafers for an effortlessly chic look.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing denim jeans and a burnt orange chiffon blouse

    6. A lantern-sleeve knit dress that will become your "go-to" dress all year long. At-home date night? Virtual game night with the pals? The possibilities are ~endless~.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a wine red knit dress and black boots

    7. A classic pair of suede pumps that will go with every single outfit you can think of *and* make you look ridiculously fashionable. We love a versatile queen.

    A pair of brown pumps

    8. A slit-front denim midi skirt to finally retire those old denim skirts you've had since freshman year of college. It works in every season and can easily be dressed up or down.

    Model wearing a brown top with a denim midi skirt and brown boots

    9. A bell-sleeve blouse so you can switch it up from your basic top. The sleeves add such a level of fun and the layering is just *chef's kiss* perfection.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing denim jeans and a yellow blouse

    10. A stylish striped sweater that seriously looks exactly like something I'd see a very popular fashion blogger wear. Except, it's you! You're the fashionista now.

    Model is wearing and black and white thick-striped sweater and black trousers

    11. A cardigan sweater you'll want to wear every time you feel even the slightest of drafts. The cream color makes it super versatile so it fits many looks, but it's *also* available in a dark green and coral for funsies.

    Model is wearing a cream cardigan, gingham top, and dark denim jeans

    12. An apron linen dress to satisfy your cravings for the "cottagecore" aesthetic when you're just not ready to give up your cute city apartment yet. I get it.

    Model is walking on sand wearing a dusty rose colored dress

    13. A balloon-sleeve sweater for when you want to look super chic for work but don't want to freeze your tush off when Sandra in Accounting turns the temperature down.

    Model is wearing a tan balloon sleeve sweater and denim jeans

    14. A removable collar that'll spice up even the most simple of T-shirts. It *also* works great in a pinch when you have an impromptu Zoom meeting and your top needs a little bit of ~flair~.

    Model is wearing a black sweater with white paint splatters on it and a white removable collar

    15. A button-down blouse so you don't have to think too hard about what you're going to wear for the day. These bold stripes basically speak for themselves. "Hello. Look at me. I exude sophisticated energy and you're living for it." —Your shirt

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a striped button-down top and denim shorts

    16. A sleeveless tunic blouse to look put together for your next Zoom meeting, even if you're definitely wearing your ducky pajama pants. "What's that? No, you definitely did not see Doritos on my lap." —You (OK, me)

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a white and black dotted tunic and denim jeans

    17. A timeless sweater you'll reach for any time you want to dress a little bit more warmer than usual. It works for literally every season and works with just about anything you pair it with.

    Model is wearing a black sweater and clay trousers

    18. A jumpsuit that adds a splash of sass (hello, exposed shoulder!) to a seemingly basic outfit. I'd definitely style this with some classic pumps and even statement jewelry.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a black jumpsuit

    19. A stylish belt because ain't no one got time for that Gucci belt when this one nails the same look for way less money!

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a black belt

    20. A tiered dress that is giving me "retired art teacher" vibes and honestly I'm living for it. It's casual, cozy, *and* chic. The three C's.

    Model is wearing a black floral tiered dress with brown boots

    21. A long-sleeve blouse top with lace sleeves so you can wear a more elevated top for work, but still get that much-needed breeze to your arms during warmer days in the office.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a black top and denim jeans

    22. A gingham button-down, because everyone needs a classic piece like this in their closet. One of *my* favorite ways of wearing it is under a solid-colored dress. It acts as the perfect bold pattern to your look.

    Model is wearing a black and white gingham print button down top

    23. An asymmetrical wrap skirt that comes in 16 different colors, so you'll basically have one for every one of your moods.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a leopard skirt and black top

    24. A wool coat to keep you toasty warm all winter long ~and~ have you asking Alexa to play "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea. 🎶 I'm so faaancy 🎶

    Model is wearing a cream coat with a cream dress and boots

    25. A leopard-print dress, because it's honestly time to retire the LBD (just kidding, little black dresses are timeless) and opt for a funkier pattern as your go-to dress.

    Model is wearing a leopard print off the shoulder dress with black calf-length boots

    26. A scalloped dress with the simplest little details, like the hem and neckline, that'll make it look like you put in *way* more effort than you actually did.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a yellow dress

    27. A loungewear set so you can look put together even when you're just chillin' at home.

    A person wearing a mauve loungewear shorts set

    28. A bodycon pencil dress because you are amazing and this dress is amazing. It's perfect for a night out and professional enough for a workday. Plus, there are 15 colors so you could wear one every day of the week.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a black geometric patterned dress

    29. Sam Edelman loafers that are kind of giving me ~Elton John vibes~ and I'm living for that aesthetic, honestly. There are 43 (!!!) colors to choose from so you'll always be able to match your loafers to your outfit. A dream come true.

    Reviewer photo of white loafers with gold buckles on top

    30. Or Sperry loafers if you're not a fan of fancy accents but like *some* dimension to your shoes.

    A black loafer and brown loafer sitting next to each other

    31. And finally, a floral dress so pretty, you'll wear it to your next brunch date with the besties and they'll all think you're some sophisticated queen. They'd be right. *hair flip*

    You, feeling so chic and fancy in your new look: