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    These 35 Reviewer-Loved Products Are Incredibly Useful (And We Have The Proof)

    Life can be tough, but these products want to make it a bit easier. It's time you let them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A comfy memory foam chair cushion because if we have to sit all day for work, we might as well do it in utter ✨comfort✨.

    2. A pack of natural green tea oil-blotting sheets to help remove any excess oil on the skin for that matte look you love so much. Keep these bad boys in your bag to whip out and dab over your face at a moment's notice, keeping your makeup fresh all day.

    3. Noise-reducing earplugs that'll block background noise juuust enough so you can concentrate on work without that eerie "sound" you get from noise-cancelling headphones. You know the one. This is also perfect if you're sensitive to sounds!

    Reviewer holding the ear plugs

    4. A jewelry cleaning brush because you'd be surprised at how dingy your jewelry actually is. It's time to let your ring 🎵 shine bright like a (literal) diamond 🎵.

    A reviewer's dull stone before using the brush / A reviewer's shiny stone after using the brush

    5. Ceiling fan chain pulls that'll not only make turning the fan on and off less of an annoyance, but also look so dang cute! I can't tell you how many times I have pulled the chain swearing it's the fan and *spoiler alert* it never is.

    reviewer image of fan pulls

    6. A cold brew coffee maker because all those drive-thru trips are really starting to add up, and you can literally make some delicious cold brew right at home!

    7. A surprisingly effective essential oil stick infused with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender to ease those pesky migraine and tension headaches you get during the workday or because your cat won't stop meowing for treats. Oh, just me?

    A BuzzFeeder holding the lipstick-sized headache stick

    8. A super soft cotton weighted blanket that may help ease some of your anxiety or restlessness you hate dealing with every night. When I'm anxious, I *always* reach for my weighted blanket to ground me.

    Reviewer laying on cough with blanket on top of him

    9. Drywall repair putty perfect for filling up holes made from moving decor around or even from unsightly cracks. Maybe you'll actually get your deposit back this time.

    10. A PhoneSoap sanitizer because after the last few years, we have definitely become very aware of germs and our phone is one of the biggest culprits. Flashback to me cooking and touching my phone screen with my grubby fingers to see the recipe. Ugh.

    11. An eyeliner stamp to save you time and tears in the morning by creating the perfect wing every single time. No more 2003 *emo eyeliner* for you!

    12. Biodegradable, all-natural bottle cleaning tablets because is there anything more annoying that trying to clean your water bottle or coffee tumbler?

    A reviewer before and after photo of a bottle

    13. A 20-oz. water bottle designed to make sure you're staying hydrated all day, something I need to work on. All you have to do is slide one of the colorful bands up each time you finish the water in a full bottle!

    A customer review photo of them holding the bottle with the text, "Freaking killing it today, y'all."

    14. Liquid ant traps that will effectively attract ants into the bait, getting rid of that annoying infestation you've been dealing with in your kitchen all year. No more snacks for you, Flik!

    Reviewer pic of a bait trap filled with ants

    15. A Chom-Chom roller to gather up pet hair from basically anywhere in your home. No really. Couches, clothes, bedding, cat towers, rugs — you name it. The best part? It has a little compartment that stores the fur for easy cleaning!

    16. A portable bug-bite suction tool because, hi, it's summer. I literally have five mosquito bites on me as I type this. I think we *all* need this.

    17. A portable vacuum that conveniently plugs right into your car so you don't have to worry about paying for a vacuum or finding an extension cord at home.

    18. Chair socks to not only protect your beautiful wood floors from getting scratched, but also make them look so dang cute.

    A chair wearing socks

    19. A pack of adhesive cable clips that'll finally detangle that mess of cables you've been dealing with at your home. Plus, you'll look super organized and put together, two things no one can ever call me, even with these.

    20. A coffee mug warmer with three heat settings and an auto shutoff feature so you never have to worry about taking a sip of your coffee and realize it's gone cold. AKA the worst feeling ever.

    A mug filled with coffee placed on the pink warmer

    21. Anti-slip hooks that will finally keep your glasses from slipping off your face for the 24628th time today. Sincerely, me and my oily nose.

    The silicone grips in multiple colors

    22. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses so your eyes can get a much needed break from the strain that is starting at a computer screen (and phone!) all day.

    23. A USB-C multiport adapter because having a laptop is convenient until you need some extra ports for work that it doesn't come with. Just plug it into your laptop's USB-C port and you'll have so much more room for activities!

    Reviewer pic of the adapter with multiple things plugged into it

    24. A laptop cleaner that will instantly become your go-to favorite desk tool. The brush side will sweep away dust and crumbs from your keyboard, then you can turn it over to use the microfiber pad to swipe away grungy fingerprints from your screen.

    25. A wood polish and conditioner to enhance the natural beauty in all of your wood by feeding it with oils, preventing it from drying and fading. It'll make your adult self *so* proud.

    A before and after reviewer pic of a wooden table where the polish was used to clean

    26. A silicone sink strainer and stopper because the last thing we want is a clogged sink from all the little bits of food that you rinse off your plates. It may seem like a barely any food, but it collects quickly!

    person using silicone sink strainer and stopper and it says "twist knob to engage stopper, twist again to drain sink"

    27. A set of blackout curtains that will, well, block out the daylight from your room so you can finally sleep in. AKA being woken by your dog for walkies instead.

    28. A stretchy satin visor to protect your hair from pulling and breaking while looking *so* stylish and chic.

    A person wearing the black visor that says melanin in white text with their hair in a bun

    29. A supportive bath pillow for anyone who really loves the idea of baths, but can't seem to deal with resting their head on their tub.

    the white bath pillow

    30. A no-fuss Crock-Pot to cook all of your favorite meals, such as curry, chili, and all the soups in the world while you work. Is there anything better?

    A crock pot

    31. A pet stain and odor remover, so when Indiana Bones gets a little too excited that you just got home and decides to pee all over your brand new rug, it's not completely annoying. Plus, how can you stay mad at a dog named Indiana Bones? You can't.

    32. A container of The Pink Stuff cleaning paste that'll clean practically anything. No really. Marks on the walls? Sure. Dirty stove? Obviously! Grimy bathtub? Duh. The Pink Stuff has your back.

    33. A cute hanging basket for when you want to store your bathroom products in an absolutely adorable way *and* not drill any shelves up.

    hanging basket

    34. A toilet night-light so your treacherous journey to the bathroom past the noisy toys in the hall can be lit without causing a ruckus among the cave dwellers. AKA your kids.

    toilet night light in toilet

    35. And finally, a bidet attachment because you'll be bummed if you don't jump on this bandwagon immediately if not sooner. I bought this bidet a year ago and I will never go back to just toilet paper again!

    Me, when I realize I haven't already bought the jewelry cleaner for my new engagement ring:

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