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    34 Products That Will Make Road-Tripping Way Less Of A Headache

    "Ohhh, we're halfway there." —Bon Jovi, and also you to your kids.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A portable car vacuum that conveniently plugs right into your car to clean up messes quickly, keeping the car clean and *you* stress-free.

    2. A pair of kick mats so you don't have to worry about your little ones scuffing your seats during one of their temper tantrums because your answer to "Are we there yet?" just wasn't good enough.

    A kid in a backseat of a car with their feet kicking the front seat but the cover is protecting the back of the car seat

    3. Road trip games that'll keep everyone in the back seat entertained for hours while you get some much-needed "you time." It's perfect for parents who prefer their kids not look at screens the entire trip!

    Four square boards with different games, a marker, and pouches

    4. A near-universal phone holder so you can easily see any incoming calls *and* your navigation without ever having to look away from the road.

    The mount attached to a car vent with a phone on it

    5. A Velcro storage wall to take advantage of that unused space on the sides of your car. This is perfect for first aid kits, towels, and even an emergency change of clothes (because ya never know).

    The storage wall Velcroed to the side with items snug inside

    6. An essential oil diffuser that allows you to add drops of your absolutely favorite essential oil to the felt pads and have your car smelling amazing the second the AC blows through the vents, minimizing the smell of stinky feet in the back seat.

    7. Or a handmade diffuser where you can choose whatever colors you want for your rainbow, really making it *yours*. Just add the drops of essential oils to the wooden beads!

    Five rainbow car diffusers in various colors

    8. An air mattress, because is there anything more uncomfortable than trying to sleep in the front seats during a road trip? Okay maybe like two other things, but this is on the top of *my* list!

    The air mattress laid out in a car back seat

    9. A car seat gap organizer to not only create extra storage space in your car, but to finally keep those rogue french fries from falling into the dark abyss that is the Seat Gap Trench.

    The car seat gap organizer holding a phone, cash, sunglasses, and more

    10. Or a set of seat gap fillers that will also handle the Seat Gap Trench beautifully. This one molds easily to your gap and fits effortlessly around your seatbelt.

    The seat gap filler sliding over the seat belt

    11. A bug remover to get all those nasty splatters off the hood and side view mirrors of your car at the next rest area. This bad boy works as a pre-wash to save you time *and* energy on your next car wash by loosening up all the bug guts. Yum.

    12. A tissue holder so when that sad song on your "Road Trip Essentials" playlist plays, you're ready for it.

    A leopard print car visor tissue holder

    13. A mesh organizer that will keep your luggage organized *and* keep it from tumbling out of the car when you open the trunk.

    14. A replacement air filter because you probably haven't changed it since you bought your car and you're going to be reeeally surprised when you see it.

    A reviewer comparing their dirty, gray air filter and their new, white air filter

    15. A stick-on shade to block the sun's bright rays and also all the haters from judging you for napping in your backseat during a road trip break. Mind ya business.

    The sun blocking screen on the window

    16. A compact trash bin that will keep your car tidy and clean throughout the road trip without the hassle of picking everything up off the floor at the next rest stop.

    The car trash can filled up with trash

    17. Or if you like a little more ✨ pizzazz ✨, some trash cans that hook to the gearshift and there are tons of pattern options to choose from!

    The trash can hooked on a gear shift with a boho rainbow pattern on it

    18. A blind-spot mirror that will give you some peace of mind knowing that you can *definitely* go into the next lane without having a truck blare their horn at you.

    The blind spot mirror stuck on the car mirror

    19. A comfy memory foam chair cushion because sometimes the road trip is just way too long and we deserve some extra cushion for the tush.

    20. A pair of lightweight and durable escape tracks that, as someone who lives in New England, I know basically every car owner should own. It's not just for snow, though! These work great for super muddy areas or even if you're stuck in sand.

    21. A two-sided wheel desk so when someone catches you eating fast food in the parking lot of Taco Bell like a weird food goblin (me, honestly), you'll at least look like you planned it.

    22. A pack of six cable clips to minimize the amount of time you spend trying to detangle the cables in your car even though they *never* move. How do they always get so tangled?!

    Two cable clips attached to the dashboard of a car holding two charging cords off the ground

    23. A dog bowl water bottle that makes hydrating your pup a breeze. All you need to do is squeeze the bottle to release water into the bowl on top. Let the squeeze go and the water will return to the bottle. Easy peasy, puppy squeazy.

    24. A leather cleaner and conditioner because leather is cool and sleek, but it's not immune to stains — especially when you're doing a lot of eating in your car!

    25. A keychain car escape tool that hopefully you'll never need to use, but it's better to have one than not, right? This is not just a window breaker, but will also cut your seatbelt if it gets stuck. Yay for preparedness!

    26. A travel pillow to make car naps waay more comfortable, *hopefully* resulting in a happy kiddo when they wake up!

    A model wearing the neck pillow in a car seat with the words "Chin support keeps the head from falling forward" on the image

    27. A trunk organizer that works really well when you don't have a ton of trunk space, but want to keep everything tidy and neat.

    The organizer in the trunk of a car

    28. A snack pack because snacks on a road trip are not just a good idea, but are absolutely essential to keeping the peace and happiness.

    29. No Cow protein bars to hold you and your family off until dinnertime, which at this point seems so far away, but I have faith — and the chocolate brownie bar will save the day.

    A person holding a protein bar

    30. A urination device because sometimes you just can't wait the 45 miles to the next rest area, and that's okay.

    Model is hiking with the device in a pouch attached to their backpack

    31. A car seat organizer so all the things your kids need to stay entertained are easily accessible and in plain sight. Now stay quiet while I listen to podcasts.

    the organizers behind both front seats

    32. A tablet holder that'll easily mount on the headrest, making it easy for your kids to binge all the Studio Ghibli films and not have to tire their arms holding the screen up. Or worse, drop it when they fall asleep.

    33. A travel blanket to keep you cozy and warm when the driver insists on blasting the AC for the first six hours. The best part? It also turns into a pillow!

    A pink blanket and pink pillow on a chair

    34. And finally, Dramamine because no road trip is complete until one person complains of motion sickness from looking down at their phone for too long. It's me. I'm the person.

    The dramamine package

    You, enjoying your road trip, stress-free: