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Your Dream Job Interview? Have You Checked With These Tips Before Yo Go!

How to ace your Interview and come out shining

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Okay, LBH, We all are a little jittery when it comes to Job Interviews. and if its your dream job, the anxiety multiplies. Here are few tried, tested & dependable tips to tick mark before you leave for the battle!

1. Fine, You know about the company. Do you know about yourself?

We are 21 century uber cool kids, we all do a little research about the company before we apply. How the company is doing, what it is for and which market it caters, we know! What we forget to research about is ourselves. What exactly we have been doing in life till now!, What we are good at, If given a chance, how can we bring a different perspective to the work. You can't let your degree speak about you. Your degree did what it could do in your CV. The Interview is for you to be explored. Don't forget, Its called 'Inter-View' for a reason.

2. Documents. Check?

You are talented but its a formal process! You need to pay attention to the Interview mail & Prepare yourself for the day. There are some basic hygiene rules of Interviews which needs to be followed no matter if its a startup or a Conglomerate. Being on Time, Carrying the documents, following the instructions are not those stupid repetitive things to be taken granted. Make sure your documents are rightly customized according to the profile on the table. Your CV should speak your background. If you are an artist, may be you can do something extraordinary with the way your present your details. If you are into Digital, try carrying an Ipad which as the CV and the link to your work. Always carry your work links to make sure you can sell your skills.

3. Know your Interviewer!

Don't hesitate to ask the HR about who would be interviewing you. It just reflects your keen interest, nothing else! You dream interview would be for the profile you always wanted to work in. Yous surely have some idols there. Even if you don't, you know the experts would be there in the Panel. People who have been into the industry for long. Not just for the interview, Its always good to learn about the leaders in your industry. Research about them a little, know their journey and how they made it big. Thanks to social media tools these days, you don't need to hustle much for it. The info is available on the go. Trust this, If you know about your Interviewer, its definitely gonna cool down the air for you and you will feel much more comfortable & confident. May be you can use a reference too in the mid of your conversations ;)

4. Don't just sell, Express yourself confidently

Before you go, List down the highlights of your Career and how you achieved them, List down the low phases too and how you faced them. List down your skills and list down what you learnt from your different experiences. Now you have good amount of information to share about yourself, It just needs to be put forward beautifully. Don't just keep boasting about yourself, If you are good, they'll find it out anyway. Make most out of those few minutes which you get with them and express yourself as a person, as a candidate and as a future asset for the company. Stay Genuine & try to establish a connection with them. Don't forget Shahrukh's '70 (sattar) minutes speech from Chak de India ;) The Time is now!

5. Dress for the Job you want! Need we say more?

It matters, Yes! your dress up, your body language, the way you speak, all of this matters! Cmon, you cant afford to look just fine on your Interview Day. Dress up for the Job you have applied for. Your outfit & your body language should speak boldly about your demeanour. Your body language should express your interest in the Interview. Always start with greeting the people you meet. Seems obtuse, but you never know what can make you stand out of all the other candidates.

6. Relax, Its not the last Interview of your life!

Yes, we know you want it badly! This is what you have dreamt of. This is what you have been grappling for. There are going to be the best people inside waiting to grill you, you are just a mediocre etc. etc. Yes, all this questions will surely strike your mind once before you enter but hold on, and relax. They are normal people like you. They are doing their job and you are doing yours. Don't forget, you are still an unicorn who is just too good for this world. Go there, keep your best foot forward & then just let it be. You will surely get more chances, more opportunities if you are worth it. In the end, it all works for the better & so it would do for you! Just Note down their feedback & learn from the experience..

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