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Trend Alert: Thought Socks Were Just Made To Be Wore With Shoes?

You really need to update your Fashion Facts

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Well, its Fall season and with this comes trends raining down. We have to agree that we all keep our eye on this particular period of the year to ace up our fashion game and get that style edge. The Fall 2017 was one such of a psychedelic show to experience. Never seen before fashion trends, some extraordinary designs and another level of extravagance, nothing was missing! Talking about trends, one such trend which caught the eye of every fashion keeper out there was the new love story of your favorite stilettos and fancy socks. We are talking about this trend because this turns out to be the most convenient and noticeable one. You need not spend your lifetime savings to follow the trend but just a little extra effort and confidence to carry it.

Looking back at the Milan Fashion Week, The biggest of them prodigious fashion houses, Dolce & Gabbana stole it on the ramp when their models showed up extremely coordinated with black lack dresses and 'go to' stilettos paired with them perfect sheer laced socks to bring that extra poise to the look.

Instagram: @dolcegabbana

Miu Miu, the most popular fashion subsidiary owned by Prada did also boost the trend with its exemplary neon socks and stilettos on the ramp. It just did not complement the outfit but added a bit of quirk to the whole look and emphasized the dainty details even further.

When a trend is out there being noted , you see the world following it. Bollywood was no behind. Taapsee Pannu, the recent wonderful discovery of the industry seems to crush on this trend and was seen flaunting it flawlessly during the promotions of her latest Bollywood flick.

TBH, She gave us some major fashion goals. We really need to roll out our long lost uber socks to give our footwear game a heads up. And Whats better than a trend which keeps your style quotient sharp and also saves your from that unwanted tanning. Haha, Jk. Happy Styling!

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