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How Shilpa Shinde, Bigg Boss 11 Winner Reminds Us Of Shilpa Shetty's Big Brother Victory

Not just identical names, they share a lot more!

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1. Popular for their memorable roles on screen

Both were immensely known for their remarkable performances on screen in utter desi avatars. From Shipa's Latke jhatke in 'UP Bihar' song to her commendable performance in Dhadkan, she was amongst the top Bollywood actress of her time. Likewise, Shilpa Shinde also delivered some of unforgettable roles on small screen topped by her role as 'Bhabhiji' in the serial 'Bhabhi ji ghar par hai' which received another level of TRPs and made her a familiar face on TV.

2. Entered Bigg Boss/Brother after rejecting the proposal once

Well, the list of similarities looks too long. As both the Winners were not willing to do their respective shows in the first place. Both of them rejected doing the reality TV series once. According to news, Shilpa Shetty was offered Big Brother 4 but she turned it down and then finally decided to do the the season 5. Likewise, Shilpa Shinde also turned down season 10 because of her unsure thoughts to come in front of the camera. It took shilpa a good time to finally convince herself and deciding to come in front of the camera to speak for herself through bigg boss season 11.

3. See you in the Kitchen!

Bhartiya Naari sb pe bhaari, as they say in India. Both of our homegirls were seen dominating the kitchen in their respective houses. Shilpa Shetty was often seen in kitchen making food like how shilpa shinde was seen cooking and feeding everyone in the house. May be this is one of the quality which impressed the voters and led them win the hearts & the show.

4. The most controversial fight

While Shilpa Shetty's controversy on Racism with Jade Goody surfaced every news channel in UK. Here in India, Vikas Gupta & Shilpa Shinde were the two for which Bigg Boss 11 was getting popular. Both the shilpas had someone in the house who made their life tough. Call it coincidence or what, both the pairs who were seen running after each other's life in the show turned into real good friends later on.

5. Purpose to Win.

Both the ladies had a purpose to win in the show. While Shilpa shetty was representing her country in front of the world, she had a million of eyes looking upto her and she couldnt let her Indian fans down specially after the racism remark she had to deal with in the show. On the other hand, Shilpa Shinde was struggling to erase the false blames which had been put on her in the TV Industry by her former producers. Shilpa needed to prove her identity and bring the truth in front of the camera. Both the ladies succeeded gracefully in proving their point to the world.

6. Alone, Forgiving & Kind

Both the ladies were often seen alone during their stay in respective houses. They were often being misunderstood and were seen crying in the corner which brought their viewers closer to them. Both displayed a forgiving nature. Both the ladies were seen forgiving their fellow contestants for their bad behavior which showed their Kind nature leading them to win the show.

7. And the Winner is SHILPA..

In the end, Both our Shilpas were seen taking home the winning trophies and prize money which they totally deserved. Both the ladies successfully showed their brighter side to the world and won millions of hearts.

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