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15 GIFs That Will Make You Say, "Same", If You Just Moved.

September 1 is one of the biggest moving days in America, also known as, "the day we crashed the U-haul", also known as, "honey where does this go?", also known as, "there's a dead mouse on the floor". We know how you're feeling.

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What your realtor says when you give them your list of must-haves and then tell them how much you can afford.

You, trying to figure out how to work your new shower.

When you're trying to figure out whether you noted the giant hole in the wall on your lease's damages section or if you're gonna get a huge bill for that later.

Moving from one crappy apartment to another crappy apartment because let's be real that's all we can afford right now.

When you show up at your new place and your reserved parking spot is empty. Sweet sweet bliss.

When there's an Xfinity guy outside your new building and he asks if you want Comcast.

What you say to that Xfinity politely as you can muster.

When you haven't had your coffee yet and the moving folks ask you which apartment number you're moving into.

As soon as you hang up the phone with your new landlord, who assured you that everything works perfectly.

When you finally have every box unloaded.

When the overly friendly frat boys below you offer to help you carry your playstation upstairs.

When you walk outside and encounter piles of discarded furniture and trash all over the block.

When you find out that your favorite restaurant will still deliver to your new address.

Discovering your new kitchen view is of your next door neighbor's toilet.

Meeting with your landlord to discuss your list of complaints.

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