"Love Island" Day Four Had Two New Bombshells Causing A Stir, And We're All Here For The Drama

    Let the games begin!

    As we all know, the first few episodes of Love Island can be a little slow, but day four went out with a bang! We saw the arrival of two new bombshells who managed to cause a stir in the villa and rattle a few feathers. So here's all the tea...

    1. After Liam went on a date with both Afia and Ekin-Su, the girls entered the villa for the first time and caught Davide and Luca's wandering eyes.

    A picture of Afia and Ekin Su entering the villa at the top and Davide saying The red one I really fancy with Luca replying Yeah Yeah that one

    2. When all the girls were getting to know each other around the fire pit, Ekin-Su made it clear that she wasn't here for "seasonal friendships."

    A picture of Ekin Su sitting at the fire pit talking to the girls saying Im sorry Im not here to make seasonal girlfriends Im here to find the love of my life

    3. And Gemma was left fumin' after Ekin-Su made comments about her age.

    A picture of Gemma in the beach hut saying I mean Im sure she didnt mean it in a bitchy way but i felt like I felt like it was a bit patronising

    4. However, Gemma wasn't upset for too long as she was soon snogging Luca Bish in a raunchy game of beer pong.

    A picture of Luca and Gemma kissing on Love Island

    5. The following day, Ekin-Su set her sights on Davide and Afia told her that there was no competition between her and Gemma.

    A picture of Afia talking to Ekin Su saying Im not gonna lie I dont think a 19 year old is your competition on Love Island

    6. Davide and Gemma FINALLY addressed the undeniable age difference between them.

    A picture of Davide asking Gemma What do you think about the fact that Im much older than you with Gemma responding No its not an issue for me at all on Love Island

    7. Paige was left feeling mugged off after Ekin-Su quizzed her on her romantic connection with Luca.

    A picture of Ekin Su talking with Paige saying I didnt see you guys cuddling last night and Paige responding with What is like keeping tabs on how many times he touches me through the night on Love Island

    8. Shortly after, Gemma was left cringing while Ekin-Su turned up the heat with Davide.

    A picture of Davide and Ekin Su working out and Gemma saying I dont think I can watch this This is fucking cringe as fuck

    9. Elsewhere, Afia showed interest in Ikenna, which stirred up mixed feelings, with his current partner Indiyah.

    A picture of Ikenna saying What would you say your type is and Afia responding with Probably you on Love Island

    10. Towards the end of the episode, Luca unexpectedly whisked Gemma away to the terrace to confess his feelings for her, and Davide was anything but impressed.

    A picture of Luca saying I really want to kiss ya and Gemma responding Not yet with Davide looking towards them saying Bro Im fine on Love Island

    Fans were living for the drama Ekin-Su was giving us:

    Ekin-su said all u bitches is my sons #loveisland

    Twitter: @AmberRoseGill

    “i didn’t see you guys cuddle last night” EKIN SOUP WITH THE SHADE #LoveIsland

    Twitter: @iiamyz1


    Twitter: @cherry_electrix

    And everyone clocked that Gemma was still itching to let out who her dad was:


    Twitter: @rhea_ellenn

    gemma just begging for luca to ask who her dad is #LoveIsland

    Twitter: @iiamyz1

    Gemma’s reaction when Luca doesn’t ask who her dad is #LoveIsland

    Twitter: @number1zinoo

    But people couldn't get over how Davide had no problem with Gemma's age:

    Hold awwwwwwn Davide knew ABOUT HER AGE!? #LoveIsland

    Twitter: @LorvinaTT

    Davide YOU should be the one with the issue about the age #LoveIsland

    Twitter: @surdah_

    oh so he knows her age #loveisland

    Twitter: @libbatk

    And Luca's behaviour seemed way too familiar:

    I knew I recognized him from somewhere… #loveisland

    Twitter: @JivanCheema

    Luca is the light skin square head of the season, what a twist! #LoveIsland

    Twitter: @KylerStans

    luca how DARE u do this to paige u little shit 🤬🤬 #LoveIsland

    Twitter: @Natalie51156664

    Ahead of the recoupling tonight, it's been revealed that Liam Llewellyn will gather his fellow islanders around the firepit to announce his departure from the show. So make sure to catch Love Island tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub!

    A picture of Liam standing at the fire pit with the other islanders sitting down

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