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    16 Reasons Why Having A Period In School Was Absolutely Mortifying

    You better hold in that sneeze or you'll flood the school!

    I’m sure we can all agree that school wasn’t great – we would’ve done anything to not be there every day! And then there’s the never-ending cycle of periods.


    The two of them together? You could say that's a recipe for disaster!

    Many of us had to deal with this for ~years~. Shall we take a second to reminisce together about those school days we'd rather just forget?

    1. First things first, the pain was unbearable.


    We didn't track our periods in school because we had so many other things to think about like exams, extracurriculars, and even crushes! So, if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones like me, you probably had some extreme cramps catch you by surprise. I feel your pain – literally!

    2. It was a mission to go to the bathroom, and you would end up being late to class.

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    Getting permission to go to the bathroom was already a whole thing – how many times were we asked, "why didn’t you go before?" The answer? Mother Nature doesn’t care about our schedules!

    3. If Aunt Flo showed up unannounced, you’d have to buy supplies at school.


    ​​80p for one pad? That was the moment we knew our teachers were clowns.

    4. And their pads looked like they were fresh out of a moshpit!

    Shalita Grant

    Remember, this is school we're talking about, so they had money – but where the hell was it? They certainly didn't even invest it in high-quality pads, because we only ever got dishevelled ones that were as thin as paper.

    5. If you didn’t want to look like Tommy from Rugrats, you'd have to ask around.


    Girls school? Mixed school? It didn’t matter because for some reason it was super embarrassing to ask around for sanitary products. If you couldn't face school pads, it became a give up and hope for the best kinda situation.

    6. Sometimes you’d have to stack up on toilet paper like there was no tomorrow.


    We all learned that when in doubt, use toilet paper – it was our saving grace! Until it started to seep through and become a crumbly mess... oh God, what a terrible time!

    7. Accidents did happen, but you never knew whether to acknowledge it or not.


    Period leakage is normal, and I’m gonna scream this until everyone understands, comprende?! Leaking out on a school chair was one of the scariest things imaginable. If it ever did happen, you'd either be the last one to leave the class, or you'd have to make a whole show of spilling juice on yourself. Trust me, it works!

    8. Sometimes you'd have to just face up to the embarrassment, and cover up the crime scene.


    If your mum bought you a uniform you’d grow into, you were the real winner. Answering your teacher’s questions about why you weren’t following the dress code was a whole other story.

    9. If you fell victim to painful cramps, teachers acted like you had some kind of disease.


    If you've ever been through an immense amount of pain as a teenager, you'll know that school was NOT the place to find comfort. In my opinion, there was something incredibly awkward about having cramps around a teacher. I mean, it's not like they're a totally normal thing that half of the world's population go through!

    10. Sitting down to do exams whilst on your period shouldn’t have been allowed.


    Being asked to be deadly silent in an exam is never easy, especially if you have your period. Restrictions on how many times you could go to the toilet – are you SERIOUS!?!?!

    11. The teachers ALWAYS thought you were exaggerating about the pain.

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    I will never understand why a period causing somebody pain was such a huge cause for suspicion amongst school staff.

    12. There was often a separate bin in the bathrooms for sanitary products, but it was ~really~ hard to find.

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    Where was that bin when you needed it?! Nowhere, apparently. Dumping a used pad in your bag was unfortunately the best option, and on the bright side, it saved you from panicking about where to hide it!

    13. The skirt and tights combo on your period felt like an actual punishment.

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    Putting on tights was like a wrestling match just to pull them up. If you tugged too hard it was game over. And skirts… UGH. Just throw the whole uniform out!

    14. Having to do double P.E. on your period was an absolute joke.


    Looking back, having double P.E. during your period is definitely justifiable grounds to take the whole school to court. They had us jumping up and down like kangaroos knowing full well what the risks were!

    15. And every so often, we were greeted with a bloody present when we went back to the changing rooms.


    Secondary school girls really said there's no shame in my game! Maybe this only happened in my school, but a used tampon/pad would sometimes just be lying there in the girls' locker rooms, minding its own business. Some would even be stuck on walls or behind doors. Ladies, can I ask, WHAT WAS THE REASON?!

    16. And finally, the emotions you could get through in a day were equal to entire human spectrum!

    Shay Mitchell

    Everyone was cautious around you when the PMS hormones were in full effect, and that’s ON TOP of teenage hormones! The school canteen couldn’t satisfy our cravings one bit – can't a girl get some ice cream around here?! 

    What was your worst period experience at school? Let us know in the comments below!