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    We Compared 19 Dating Rules Between Mexico And UK, And The Results Are Pretty Shocking

    "My type on paper."

    We all know that dating is an ongoing struggle, and finding someone on your wavelength can be tougher than a stale baguette – that's why most of us implement dating rules in our lives!

    The question is, are dating rules universal??? Well, we got together and compared 20 important dating rules to see if they're the same in Mexico (where Fer lives) and the UK (where Imara lives). Here's what we found out...

    Side by side image shows and Mexican and UK flags

    1. Don't be at the short end of the stick – you need to date multiple people at once!

    2. Don't bring your friends on a date with you unless you want them to cock-block.

    3. Always make sure your hygiene is up to scratch!

    4. Make sure you have money even if you think the other person will pay.

    5. To be on the safe side, avoid ordering messy food!

    6. Don't drink too much on the first date, especially if you're a sloppy drunk.

    7. Your phone is off limits during the date – except for emergencies!

    8. If you arrange a date online, always tell someone where you're going.

    9. Don't talk about your exes on a first date otherwise that will be your first and last date with that person!

    10. And don't talk about marriage or kids too much!

    11. Please don't bring a lot of negativity – good vibes only!

    12. Don't date your ex's best friend or your best friend's ex!

    13. If you decide to buy a gift make sure you've put some thought into it.

    14. If you're in a restaurant, be respectful to everyone around you, not just your date.

    15. No means no – keep your hands to yourself!

    16. Don't feel obliged to go to their house on the first date.

    17. At the same time, don't go to a noisy place on your first date either!

    18. Always be upfront if you want a relationship, even if it's gut-wrenchingly awkward.

    19. And if the other person tells you they don't want to be in a relationship, believe it!

    What are some of your dating rules? Let us know in the comments below!

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