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If You Had A Good Elementary Teacher You Need To Read This

Using data from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, let's take a trip back to multicolored rugs, naptime and "cooties." Let's try to remember the qualities that we cherished about the teachers who introduced us to school.

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Enthusiasm for Teaching / Via

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the most important characteristic for teachers of early childhood development is enthusiasm and passion for children.Think... making learning the alphabet exciting

Patience and Humor / Via

Teachers managed to keep their heads in light of accidents, short attention spans, and unparalleled energy of children... Think... sugar rushes, attempts to make naptime a thing, and stained pants

Respect of Differences / Via

Instead of forcing a child to adapt to a certain learning style, a teacher diversifies the style. The teacher also respects the differences that make children unique. Think..."different strokes, for different folks"

Great. Teachers. Rock. / Via

Hopefully this quick trip down memory lane brought back some slight nostalgia and appreciation. The qualities listed above are not easy to master yet our teachers managed to teach us how to read, write and cooperate while incorporating nap time, snack time and recess!

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