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    22 Minimalist Gifts For People Who Like To Keep It Simple

    Gifts don't have to be huge or fancy to make a lasting impression.

    1. A pair of sleek and eco-friendly LED lamps made of sustainable wood that any minimalist will fall in love with instantly. These will add a modern touch without taking too much space in the recipient's room.

    2. A thin metal wallet that's as deluxe as it gets, and will take the load off their pockets or purse. It'll fit up to 12 of their cards, AND it has a money clip for their cash, so they can leave bulky wallets in 2019.

    3. A bestselling set of soft microfibre makeup removing towels that'll make makeup removal a one-step ritual for them. These only need warm water (yup, no cleanser!) to remove even waterproof makeup.

    4. A plain bestselling soft toque to keep them warm and fashionable for the winter months. It comes in over 50 colours, so you'll have a ton of options to pick from.

    5. A set of four hilariously honest bamboo coasters that'll protect their tables AND make them laugh. Minimalism isn't dull or humourless, you know!

    6. Some gold-plated opalescent pink cufflinks that'll take their look to the next level. This set includes one pair of cufflinks and four button studs.

    7. A black lapel blazer that has sexy split sleeves, giving it a classy high-fashion boost without any glitz. It'll keep them warm and stylish. 🌘🖤

    8. An AncestryDNA test kit which will take virtually no space in their home, because they have to send it back for results! They'll love the thoughtfulness of you helping them discover interesting and precise details about their origins.

    9. Speaking of intangible gifts, a one-year Xbox Live gold membership card, so they can play with other players online, get discounts, and even get access to free games throughout the year.

    10. A few dainty statement geometrical metal clips so they can create cute 'dos with essentially no effort. Uncomplicated designs like these are a surefire way to make a minimalist smile!

    11. A beautifully bare O.P.I. gift set that'll give their nails a glowy nude glaze. Whether it's a wedding, a meeting, or a vacation, these nail polishes will be their go-to for them all!

    12. An acrylic infinity scarf that's understated and perfectly weather-appropriate. Winter is here, and this gift will promise them both warmth and and style without any frumpiness.

    13. A solid-colour long-sleeved dress that needs no embellishments — the cuts do all the talking! They'll love the way this stylish A-line dress drapes them, and it'll quickly become one of their most-worn 'fits.

    14. A super-slim and luxe iPhone case that has no brand logos on it for that perfectly plain look they love. There's something powerful and classic about solid colour accessories.

    15. A pair of tiny zirconia-encrusted 14K gold-plated studs they won't want to take off. These are hypoallergenic, which means they won't make their earlobes itch if they're allergic to certain metals.

    16. A vintage digital Casio watch which won't just tell them the time — it'll also give them a classically fashionable appeal. It's a bestseller and has over 1,900 positive reviews on Amazon.com! It's water resistant, and will last them a long time.

    17. A delicate sterling silver necklace with a tiny zirconia stone in the middle that will last them a lifetime without losing its brilliance. Minimalists LOVE long-lasting, durable things, and this is exactly that.

    18. A straightforward-looking solid-colour clutch purse that has enough space to carry all their essentials, and will go with any look they pick. It comes with a detachable chain, so they can wear it as a crossbody bag, too, depending on their mood.

    19. A set of three beautiful abstract canvas prints of flowers and leaves that'll allow them to decorate their home in a clean and subtle way.

    20. An Amazon gift card for any $25+ amount you want, so they can get exactly the things they need. People who like to keep stuff simple often prefer to only keep very useful items, and if the person you're picking a gift for is one of those, this is a foolproof way to make their day.

    21. A daily journal that'll last them five whole years! They can write down anything special about their day — big or small — and keep that memory forever. It's probably going to start with a note about you giving them this awesome gift.

    22. And lastly, a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, so they don't feel guilty about cluttering by buying a physical book every time they want to read something new. This e-reader has a glare-free screen, meaning they'll be able to read under bright lights. It's also waterproof, if they want to read while relaxing in the tub.

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