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Today In Feminism Beyond Borders: Madonna Narrated A Chilling Short Film About Qandeel Baloch

"Qandeel's words and actions polarised a nation."

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On July 15, 2016, 26-year-old Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch was strangled to death by her brother in the name of honour.


She believed in the sexual liberation of women and stood up for the right of women to live their lives of their own volition. She posted videos of herself going about her daily activities, sometimes scantily clad or in the jacuzzi, despite the daily hate and threats she received from her followers. Her brother believed she brought shame to her family and killed her for it.

On Tuesday, pop legend Madonna posted the following to her Facebook page, with a private link to a video:

The video, titled Qandeel Baloch: A Very Short Story, has been made by two-time Academy Award-winning Pakistani filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, and narrated by Madonna.

Chime For Change

It features poignant bits from Qandeel's TV interviews, social media, and videos, as Madonna narrates the story and aftermath of her murder.

Her death brought "honour killings" to the spotlight in Pakistan, and the country recently tightened previously ambiguous laws to govern honour killing cases.

Watch it here:

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