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    21 Nice Things To Put In Your Cart For Your Next ASOS Order

    Clothes, jewelry, beauty, and more! Go on and pamper yourself.

    1. An absolutely adorable Princess Jasmine pyjama set you'll want to lounge in all day long. The purple shorts have tiny little lamps on them, and the crewneck tee is cute enough to wear casually, so if you want to run a quick errand, all you'll need to do is put some pants on.

    2. A chunky gold ring that's a throwback to late '90s-style bling. It makes for a solid gift for anyone born in the year 1998, too!

    3. One of DECIEM's bestsellers, the AHA+BHA Peeling Solution. You only need to leave it on for ten minutes max to achieve golden hour-ready skin.

    4. A jurassic little cable protector that'll shield your cords from bending and fraying, thus extending the life of your charger — all in the cutest way possible!

    5. A bottle of vitamin C cleanser that's gentle enough to become your daily face wash. It has amino acids to help improve your skin's clarity and eliminate dullness, so you're left with blemish-free, baby-soft skin.

    6. An artsy cotton shopping tote that'll make sure you're on point with your style, even while you're just restocking tomatoes. It has large, abstract faces all over it that are so pretty, it could honestly be a frame-worthy art print.

    7. A charcoal mud mask that applies without making a mess of your whole bathroom sink. (Yes, you read that right.) This one has a special applicator that allows you to apply the mask straight from the tube on to your skin. It can be used all over, but the manufacturer recommends it for spot-masking areas of your face that need a lil' extra TLC.

    8. Some vegan-friendly pimple patches that'll literally suck out the gunk and bacteria from your zits and bring it to the surface, leaving your pimple shrunken and dried out in hours. These are clear and can be used under makeup and even while you sleep.

    9. A knot-front top that glitters like the starlit sky. Layer it with a cropped turtleneck for a professional look, or sport it on its own for a night out — it doesn't even need extra work to be styled!

    10. A tube of NIP+FAB's Salicylic Fix facial scrub that'll gently slough off all that dead skin and make you glow from within. It's infused with the goodness of lotus flower, and the best part is there are no abrasive micro-beads in the formula!

    11. A pair of wide-fit jelly sandals that have a ridged, chunky heel, making them extra grippy. Slip 'em on with a dress or pair them with denim shorts. They're perfect for a day out or for poolside lounging.

    12. A delectable sugar scrub from L'Oreal that can be used on your face and the lips to rejuvenate the skin. It has grapeseed oil to nourish your epidermal layer and lock in moisture, so your pout will never be all chapped up.

    13. A stylish oversized smock dress, so you can enjoy the comfort of an oversized tee with the coolness of a date-ready dress. The long, fitted sleeves give its roomy silhouette an extra sprinkle of casual-chic.

    14. A cool black boxy backpack that has double handles, too, if you want to carry it like a handbag. It's made of 100% polyester, so it's durable, and cleaning it is as easy as wiping it with a soft cloth.

    15. A bottle of Garnier's bestselling oil-infused micellar water that'll help remove makeup (or just the day's dirt and sweat!) from your face to cleanse it as gently as possible. It removes even waterproof makeup so thoroughly, you can even get away with not rinsing your face at all.

    16. A midi dress from Topshop that screams springtime with a refreshing mix of blocky floral prints. It can be dressed casual with a cute denim jacket, or dressed up with some high heels and an up-do.

    17. A grooming kit from Uppercut that'll have you looking and feeling your best. It contains a deluxe hair pomade, a body wash, a shampoo, and a comb. It comes in a beautiful tin box, so it'll make for a great gift, too.

    18. A pair of Nike Air Max trainers in white and grape that guarantee comfort AND style. The sole is cushioned to ensure your feet stay pampered as you run, walk, or simply take photos for Instagram.

    19. A green and gold dual-ended jade roller that'll melt away any tension in your facial muscles. It also helps drain excess fluid from your face, as well as deeply absorb your serums into your skin.

    20. A pair of dinosaur pyjama bottoms that are too cute to miss. You can wear them to bed or "dress up" in them while you work from home. They have a sturdy banded waist as well as pockets. Yay for PJs with pockets!

    21. And lastly, a high-necked floral dress that looks and feels light as air. The sleeves have frills for a playful and romantic feel, and the dress can be cinched at the waist for a more tapered look.

    Well, then. Shall we?