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Transfers Of ISU: Tia Collins

Did you know Illinois State University is the #1 destination for transfer students in the state of Illinois, #FutureRedbird? With 34% of ISU students transferring from other colleges and universities, Illinois State is known for being a transfer-friendly institution. In this edition, we’ll talk to transfer student, Tia Collins, about her experience!

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Meet Tia Collins

Major: Organizational and Leadership Communication

Transferred from: Community College

Involvement: ISU Forensics

Q:What made you decide to transfer to ISU?

There are a few things that made me decide on ISU: Primarily, it was the stellar communication program. Knowing that a school in my backyard had one of the top communication programs in the nation made ISU an easy choice. Also, the forensics program is well known nation-wide. My speech coach at my community college went to ISU and said that I would be a great fit in the program and the program would be a great fit for me, and she couldn't have been more right! Lastly, the campus is so beautiful and not too big like other universities of its student size are.

How is ISU different from your previous college experience?

The biggest difference is being on my own. I technically lived off campus while I attended community college, but I had a car and it was pretty easy getting wherever I wanted to go. The bus system at ISU is so nice and convenient, but it can be difficult to not have the same level of freedom that I once had.

Q: Did you run into any pleasant surprises when you transferred to ISU?

 I was pleasantly surprised by my class sizes at ISU. When I though about university, I thought all my classes would be large, lecture-sized classes. I've only had one since I've been here, and even that professor was able to facilitate good discussions in class and make herself available to all students during the week. That's not at all what I was expecting!

Q: Do you have any advice for future transfer students?

My advice to transfers is to take advantage of all that you can! We already don't have as much time at this lovely institution by virtue of being transfers, so take some time to stop and smell the flowers, and participate in every event/RSO that you find interesting! The people are welcoming, and you will learn a lot about yourself! 

With so many welcoming professors and great RSO's, any transfer student is bound to feel at home at ISU, #FutureRedbird!

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