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RSO Spotlight: Operation Smile

Are you interested in getting involved next year, #FutureRedbird? Operation Smile is a non-profit Registered Student Organization (RSO) here on campus that positively impacts our local community, and nation, as well! If you are interested in learning more about this RSO stay tuned!

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What is Operation Smile?

Operation Smile is a non-profit medical organization that focuses on providing surgeries for children with cleft palates around the world.

What does your RSO do for the campus?

Our RSO has provided entertainment, community service, and volunteered time in order to better our campus. We have also collaborated with College Mentors for Kids. On campus, members have shown support to other RSOs by donating time and money. We have also had the chance to provide quality entertainment to the campus and community through our Operation Smile Talent Show.

What majors are you looking for?

All majors are welcome, because having the heart to care and give back is not limited to one major! The most common majors among our members are speech pathology, biology, and business, but everyone should check us out!

Are there any events students should look out for next semester?

Our annual Operation Smile Talent Show is an event to pencil into your planners! Last year was the first year we put on the talent show and it was a great experience. There were 500+ attendants, diverse performers, and tons of crowd engagement. This year the talent show will be held in late March or early April.

How can you become apart of this RSO?

You can become a part of Operation Smile by attending meetings and staying connected through our volunteering and fundraising efforts. We are students and school comes first, so meetings are held bi-weekly. We try our best to make Operation Smile a light load for our members!

Who should students contact if they are interested in joining this RSO?

If you are interested in joining, please contact our Public Relations Chair, Abbie Teeling. Her email is

We hope you enjoyed learning about Operation Smile. We can't wait to see your smile here on campus next fall, #FutureRedbird!

Make sure to follow Operation Smile on social media in order to keep in touch!

Instagram: @operationsmileisu

Facebook: OperationSmileISU

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