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RSO Spotlight: Exalt Modeling Troupe

Are you looking to get involved next year, #FutureRedbird? If so, Exalt Modeling Troupe may be the RSO for you! If you have dreams of strutting your stuff on the runway, stay tuned to see what this RSO is all about.

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What is Exalt Modeling Troupe?

Exalt Modeling Troupe is a co-ed organization that is devoted to diversity and expansion in all aspects of modeling. We are a group of students that love to model and perform at different events around campus. Eventually, we plan on putting together our own fashion shows and traveling to surrounding schools to perform and compete against other modeling troupes.

What does your RSO do for the campus?

EMT wants to provide entertainment to the campus. There are many students that have a passion for modeling, but find it difficult to pursue while also being a full-time student. This RSO gives students at ISU the opportunity to do both! Also, it gives people who enjoy photography the opportunity to work hand in hand with the best models at Illinois State. Photographers are able to set up photo shoots with the models, ultimately giving both parties the opportunity to expand their portfolios.

What majors are you looking for?

We are not looking for any particular majors, just people that are really passionate about modeling, fashion, and photography.

How can you become a part of this RSO?

You can become a part of EMT by attending one of the workshops and going through our two-day tryout process. The workshop gives aspiring models an opportunity to get help from the team so that they are prepared for tryouts. Tryouts this year will be held on October 14 from 8-10 in the Bone Student Center in the Prairie Room. At tryouts, models will be expected to wear a white top, light wash jeans, and heels, with hair pulled back or up, and with little to no makeup. During tryouts they will also get head-shots and the chance to walk with one other model in front of a panel of judges. From there, they may be called back for an interview where we will ask basic questions. After that, they will be informed if they made the team or not.

Are there any events students on campus should look out for this year?

Students should be on the lookout for EMT's performance at the In the Mix Fashion show hosted by College Experience in February where we will be featured in a scene by one of our members, Keith Harris, for his arising clothing line, UPP.

Who should students contact if they are interested in joining?

Students should contact myself, Kayla Scott, current President, at: or the Vice President Ajah Aviles at:

They can also reach out to us through our team email:

Interested in hearing more about Exalt Modeling Troupe, #FutureRedbird? To stay connected and learn more about this RSO make sure to follow EMT on social media!

Instagram: @emt_isu

Twitter: @emt_isu

We hope to see you next year, #FutureRedbird!

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