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RSO Spotlight: College Mentors For Kids

Do you love spending time with kids? Do you want to give back to the Bloomington?Normal Community during your four years here at ISU? Do you want to be an inspiration to young children? If so, then check out this Registered Student Organization (RSO) Spotlight on College Mentors For Kids, #FutureRedbird!

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What is College Mentors for Kids?

@collegementorsforkids / Via Facebook

College for Mentors was founded in 2004 at Illinois State with the goal to give local children the inspiration they need.

This RSO is great for anyone looking to make a difference in young people's lives and have a positive effect on the local community's youth. The RSO is student-run and works with over 200 students from Bloomington School District #87.

Every week, "Big Buddies" dedicate their time in order to help their "little buddies" learn that going to college is an option for them. Through higher education, culture, diversity, and community service the college students mentor children with fun activities.

"Our goal at College Mentors for Kids at Illinois State is to get kids exposed to the college atmosphere and show the importance of higher education and careers. One day, they know that one day they can attend college and set goals for their future as well. We want all school children to look forward sooner and be able to give back later."- College For Mentors Facebook

Meet College for Mentors Kids president, Ryan Geary!

College Mentors for Kids at Illinois State / Via Facebook

When I first joined College Mentors for Kids my freshman year, it was because I knew someone in the organization. After that first semester, I was able to find a passion for what the program stood for and had a heavy heart for the kids we worked with. I've heard people say how much of an impact we have on these local children in all that we show them and open their eyes to, however, the college students in the program are equally as impacted and moved by these bright kids. As I wrap up my 4th year in the College Mentors program, I can say that I love it because of all that it has taught me as a person, as a leader and as a mentor.

What majors are you looking for?

Michelle Pappageorge

College Mentors for Kids accepts all majors, and we encourage younger students to get involved fast to establish a great relationship and connection with their little buddy.

Are there any events students should look out for next semester?

@ilstu_cmfk / Via Instagram

You can catch our little buddies on campus in the late afternoon on Monday through Thursday. We work with all sorts of different organizations, clubs and academic departments, so be sure to look for us with those groups! We are done with recruitment for now, but will be at Festival ISU in the fall!

Who should students contact if they are interested in joining College Mentors for Kids or have questions about this RSO?

@ilstu_cmfk / Via Instagram

If you are interested in joining in the fall, you can contact, which is our general email address. Or you can message us on our Facebook page for additional information!

We hope you enjoyed learning about College Mentors For Kids, #FutureRedbird!

Make sure to check out College Mentors For Kids on Social Media for more fun Pictures and updates on upcoming Events.


Instagram: @ilstu_cmfk

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