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RSO Spotlight: Interdenominational Youth Choir

Are you interested in getting involved next fall, #FutureRedbird? If so, the Interdenominational Youth Choir (IYC) might be the RSO for you! The gospel choir known as IYC has been active on Illinois State's campus for 46 years. Stay tuned to see how they are still impacting students today.

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What is IYC?

IYC is a gospel choir that is dedicated to uplifting its members and the community through music. Our motto is to "Make a Joyful Noise", and after 46 years it is still the driving factor in our ministry outreach.

What does IYC do on campus?

Our goal is to spread the word of Christ through music. To ensure that we reach that goal we host various concerts throughout the year. We also put on fundraisers in order to reach the student body here at ISU.

What has IYC accomplished over the years?

IYC has successfully hosted numerous "Choir Workshops" over the years. Each workshop has its own clinician, which is usually a Gospel artist that leads the classes and concert we put on during workshop. These artists are able to teach students how to continue to perfect their craft. Also, 2015 marked IYC's 45th year of being on campus.

What does IYC have planned for the semester?

An event to lookout for is our Choir Workshop which will be held October 26th-28th. All are welcome! There will be music-based classes for anyone who is interested. On October 28th, there will be a closing concert featuring our clinician, Todd Dulaney.

Interested in joining IYC? Then here's what you need to do!

Please email our secretary Ronay Benion at: expressing your interest to join IYC.

Make sure to follow us on social media as well!

Twitter: @IYC_ISU
Instagram: @iyc_isu

We hope to see you next year, #FutureRedbird!

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