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Redbird, Set, Go!

There are many reasons why current Redbirds feel lucky to be ISU students, #FutureRedbird! Interested in hearing what a few of those reasons are? Then stay tuned!

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A Variety of Majors

At Illinois State, there are over 100 majors offered to students. Each major has an advisor that is there to ensure students stay on track for graduation. If the major a student is seeking is not offered, students have the freedom of creating their own major path. Lastly, advisors are also available to help students who are undecided.

Get Involved!

There are over 300 RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) on campus for students to join. You're bound to find an organization that is just right for you, #FutureRedbird! Getting involved is important and can help make the transition from home to college a lot easier. If you would like to get a head start on finding an RSO for you, feel free to check out this list!


Illinois State's campus is composed of a very diverse student body. You will have the opportunity to meet people from many different backgrounds during your time here, #FutureRedbird. The Diversity Advocacy unit plays an important role in promoting diversity on campus. It helps support student development, promote cultural experiences and promote diversity education. It is important to ISU faculty and staff that all students feel welcome on campus.


Students are bound to make memories that will last a lifetime here at Illinois State. University Program Board puts together fun affordable events for students throughout the school year. Some traditional events include cosmic bowling, siblings weekend, and casino night. (can you link to a list of past events or something along those lines where you say "these"?These are all things you have to look forward to next year, #FutureRedbird!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about a few of the reasons why students feel lucky to be a Redbird, #FutureRedbird. See you next year!

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