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Change Is In The Air

Change is in the air, #FutureRedbird. ISU's campus will be undergoing some changes this year, so stay tuned if you would like to know what improvements are being made to your future home.

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Changes Coming to Milner Library / Via

Changes are coming to Milner Library. In the near future, the canopy over Milner Plaza will be replaced, and the first floor of the library itself will be remodeled. Additionally, the bathrooms within Milner will get a welcomed face-lift, and some exterior brick work will be completed on the building. The entire project is estimated to cost $3.4 million.

Starbucks is here! / Via

It's no secret that exciting stuff is happening at ISU this fall! Starbucks has now replaced Jamba Juice in the campus Rec Center. Invite a friend, complete a workout, and grab a refreshing drink after. This change is certainly one to look forward to, #FutureRedbird!

The Bone Student Center is Changing / Via

This hot spot on ISU’s campus is currently under construction. Plans for major renovations, to the tune of an estimated $32.9 million, are underway at the Bone Student Center. These changes will bring a much more open and modern feel to the Student Center and provide new and exciting dining options for students, families, and other guests of Illinois State.

New and Improved Clicker Policy / Via

The lecture clicker is now a lot different than it once was. Instead of simply purchasing a clicker and registering it for class, a purchase of a subscription is now required for current and future students. The subscription can either be purchased for a single school year or for four years in total. To current students, purchase your subscription ASAP! If you're a #FutureRedbird, make sure to keep this new policy in mind.

Student Friendly Bus Routes

This change doesn't directly affect every member of the Redbird Family, but it is important. Recently, Connect-Transit made minor changes to their city-wide bus system. This means that some stops no longer exist. However, student-friendly stops have been added closer to the Quad to make traveling back and forth a lot easier. This change has only been in affect for a little over a week, but it's been well-received by current students.

Bird's Eye View / Via

Watterson Towers recently added a major attraction for both current and Future Redbirds. The Bird's Eye View is located on the top floor of Watterson Towers and contains fun facts about ISU's campus and the surrounding area. This attraction is already causing a buzz on campus. Be sure to check this unique space out when visiting ISU, #FutureRedbird!

As you can see, Illinois State University cares about making changes that for the betterment of its students, Future Redbirds, and other guests. We can't wait for you to experience all of these awesome changes once you're a Redbird, #FutureRedbird.

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