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    Some Muslims Are Not Happy With This Korean Drama

    "We're all living in 2017 while MBC's living in 1001."

    The South Korean drama Man Who Dies to Live has been criticised by some Muslim fans.

    The TV show, which is broadcast on the MBC channel, is about a Korean count who lives in a fictional place called Bodoantia, and finds out he has a daughter 35 years later, so he goes on a mission to find her and reconnect.

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    And several minutes later, he is escorted to the king of Bodoantia, who orders him to marry a princess.

    And he tells him he must marry the princess within a month.

    The fictional place appears to be in Dubai.

    Viewers have called the drama Islamophobic and racist.

    People have called for a boycott.

    [ a thread] Reasons why MBC's new drama Man Who Dies To Live should not be aired. YALL NEED TO BOYCOTT IT

    And have questioned several parts of it.

    Um excuse me MBC but what kind of nonsense is this? SINCE WHEN MUSLIM WOMEN WEAR HIJAB WITH BIKINIS? what the actua…

    In the first episode of the drama at the main character's residence there are two women wearing bikinis and headscarves.

    I'm so disgusted the disrespect in 'man who dies to live' is unreal! Why is it so hard for you to respect other cul…

    Lmao, what is this even. You have no basic knowledge about Islam, not even a little. #stop_Man_Who_Dies_To_Live

    People said the broadcaster was living in the past.

    We're all living in 2017 while mbc's living in 1001

    MBC has since apologised for any offence and said it will take "extreme caution in production".

    However, people aren't happy with the apology.

    And said it should stop the broadcast.