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11 Amazing Things From The New IKEA Catalogue

Brb, redoing my entire home.

It's that time of year again — summer's waning, fall's coming up, and IKEA's new catalogue is out! YESSSSS.


Get your circlin' marker out and come with us on a journey of glorious, glorious design. Here are our favourite things from the 40th Anniversary Catalogue:

1. VALLENTUNA sectional sofa, $1,335 (as pictured)

It's available in colours to match any decor and in sections (duh) so it can fit in virtually any room, in a bunch of combinations. Swoon.

2. KOPARDAL bed frame, $249

So sleek! So pretty! So easily paired with romantic bedding to make the haven of your dreams! (Dreams, get it? Because it's a bed? Okay cool bye.)

3. KNOTTEN standing desk, $189

Now you can get in on the ~stylish~ standing desk action in the comfort of your own home.

4. GRÖNADAL rocking chair, $149

Honestly the perfect place to curl up with a delicious cup of tea and your favourite book.

5. RANARP work lamp, $39.99

Shine a little light on the subject, eh? Eh?

6. NORRARYD chair, $99

Something this classy and versatile seems unfair to other chairs, tbh.

7. ELVARLI clothes/shoe storage combination, $659 (as pictured)


8. LIXHULT cabinet, $40 each

For the ~pop of colour~ your bedroom's craving. And so versatile! Do you need a bunch of smaller storage options, or a couple of big ones? LIXHULT's got you covered.

9. VARDAGEN teapot, $9.99

Finally, a teapot as perfect as the tea inside it. Bless.

10. ROSKILDE rug, $149

"Easy to clean" is music to my ears. Everything on this earth should be this pretty and also easy to clean.

11. SANDWICH, pulled salmon, $4.99

Okay, so this isn't technically design, but it's ~designed~ to bring my tastebuds joy, so it totally counts.

And there's more where that came from, of course. Pick up the new IKEA catalogue now or check it out online!

All images courtesy of IKEA.