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11 Amazing Things From The New IKEA Catalogue

Brb, redoing my entire home.

It's that time of year again — summer's waning, fall's coming up, and IKEA's new catalogue is out! YESSSSS.

Get your circlin' marker out and come with us on a journey of glorious, glorious design. Here are our favourite things from the 40th Anniversary Catalogue:

1. VALLENTUNA sectional sofa, $1,335 (as pictured)

2. KOPARDAL bed frame, $249

3. KNOTTEN standing desk, $189

4. GRÖNADAL rocking chair, $149

5. RANARP work lamp, $39.99

6. NORRARYD chair, $99

7. ELVARLI clothes/shoe storage combination, $659 (as pictured)

8. LIXHULT cabinet, $40 each

For the ~pop of colour~ your bedroom's craving. And so versatile! Do you need a bunch of smaller storage options, or a couple of big ones? LIXHULT's got you covered.

9. VARDAGEN teapot, $9.99

10. ROSKILDE rug, $149

11. SANDWICH, pulled salmon, $4.99

And there's more where that came from, of course. Pick up the new IKEA catalogue now or check it out online!

All images courtesy of IKEA.