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15 IKEA Products That’ll Trick People Into Thinking You Have Your Life Together

Organise your chaos.

1. Invest in a hidden-storage couch that's both comfy and convenient.

2. Or opt for a foldout sofa bed so you'll always be prepared for unexpected guests.

3. Turn plain ol' hooks into an ever-changing wall feature that's also very practical.

4. Convert an awkward unused space into a computer station with a wall-mounted desk.

5. Chuck your commonly used bits and pieces into a trolley for easy portable access.

6. Hide grubby old pots in a cool woven basket turned pot plant holder.

7. Make the most of every wall with these shallow shelves that give you a bit of extra storage.

8. Say goodbye to messy cords with this wireless charging pad.

9. Convert an open space into two separate areas with this industrial-chic room divider.

10. Put all that random stuff that doesn't have a home into these minimalist felt baskets.

11. Use cork pot stands to turn the inside of your cupboard door into a pinboard.

12. Make working from home (aka the couch) easier with an adjustable laptop stand.

13. Keep your remotes in order with this nifty remote control pocket that attaches to the arm of your couch.

14. Save space with a set of coffee tables that can be stored on top of each other when they're not in use.

15. Keep your junk out of sight in this storage drawer unit that doubles as a seat.

All images supplied by IKEA

Life can be messy, but your living room doesn't have to be. Customise your perfect space with storage solutions from IKEA.

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