13 Colorful Ways To Liven Up Your Dorm Room

Dorms can be initially a little bland, but think of them as a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless if you think out of the box! For more tips and tricks check out IKEA, your ultimate dorm room design destination.

1. Accent Rugs

As the Dude would say, they “really tie the room together”. Find this rug here.

2. Paper Crane Chains

alexsobby / Via instagram.com

Tie together a gaggle of paper cranes for a pretty addition to your bottom bunk! Check out a simple paper crane tutorial here.

3. Fairy Lights

These guys aren’t just for Christmas time! Use these small lights to bring some color to a dark, dank dorm room.

4. Vintage Paint By Numbers Posters


These cool vintage kits are everywhere on Etsy. They’re fun to make and look super cool on your wall.

5. Tribal Wall

Jayne Mandat / Via instagram.com

If you’re allowed to paint your walls, use blue painters tape to create patterns on your walls and paint inside the shapes.

6. Paper Bouquets

Alex Ditomaso / Via instagram.com

This is a super fun and easy way to add a pop of color to a plain white dorm room. Click here for a great tutorial.

7. Scarf Wall

Truc Dwyer / Via instagram.com

Need somewhere to store all your scarves? Hang them like this to create a simple and practical piece of wall art.

8. Fresh Plants

A beautiful and healthy option for your dorm room. If you have a window that faces the sun, try potting your own herbs and keep them on your window sill.

9. Princess Netting

For your inner Disney Princess. Available here.

10. Accent Curtains

Brian Batugo / Via instagram.com

Super quick and easy, accent curtains will add a touch of character to your room without having to ruin your walls.

11. Book Art

Bianca Jade / Via instagram.com

You’re an academic now! Show off those beautiful hardcovers and paperbacks. You can also make a smaller pile next to your bed for a thrifty nightstand.

12. Pillows!

Olivia Strohm / Via instagram.com

Mismatch your throw pillows for a cool bohemian look. Pillows are a great way to add texture and color to a dark room.

13. Stick-On Grandfather Clock

A super cool statement piece that saves a ton of space! You can find it here.

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