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Which mums are going to get spoilt this Mother's Day?

Once again, it’s that time of year when we all take a moment (or 24 hours worth of moments) to collectively thank our mums for everything they’ve done to bring us up – and everything they continue to do for those of us who are still a liability in our late 20s. No matter how we’ve turned out, our mothers have always tried to do their very best for us, so it’s only right we show them just how appreciative we are. And what better way to do it than with some Mother’s Day flowers! However, it seems not every mum across the UK is treated equally. Research by flower delivery experts Bloom & Wild shows that while some mothers in certain areas of the UK are in for a real treat this Sunday, not all are going to be spoilt to the same extent:

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1. Alton

Bloom & Wild

In terms of monetary value, the sons and daughters of Alton are the UK’s most generous, spending an astounding £43 per person on their mums. That’s enough Toblerone to last approximately three and a half years, appetite permitting.

2. Taunton

Bloom & Wild

According to Bloom & Wild, Taunton mums are statistically the most likely to spend Mother’s Day Sunday gazing in disbelief at a lovely bouquet of flowers – 1.99% of the population of the market town order Mother’s Day flowers.

3. Brighton & Hove

Bloom & Wild

The UK’s second-most generous offsprings are those living in the coastal city of Brighton & Hove. Bohemian they might be, but tight they are not. The good people of Brighton & Hove spend an average of £42 on their lovely mums, which is the equivalent of about 10 dying bouquets from your local garage.

4. Knutsford

Bloom & Wild

The mothers of Knutsford have a reasonable chance of seeing some blooms this Sunday without having to peer out of the window into next door’s garden. Knutsford’s mothers are the second-most likely to receive flowers, with 1.24% of the town’s population showing their gratitude florally.

5. Mothers with sons

Bloom & Wild

The results are in, and – drum roll please – sons are officially more generous than daughters. That doesn’t sound right, but according to the research, men spend 20% more per Mother’s Day flower order than women. Clearly, we’re a country of mummies’ boys then because, come Father’s Day, our dads probably won’t get a second thought.

6. Mothers with children who live in towns

Bloom & Wild

It seems sons and daughters living in cities are either too busy or just too poor to spend as much on their mums as those in towns. The research shows that town-dwellers spend 50p more per person than city slickers.

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