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The 15 Best Breakfast Combos To Start Your Morning

Breakfast is one meal that loves company. Because what's that stack of pancakes without the side of bacon, or the biscuits without their gravy? Check out some of the best combos gathered from across the web, and join IHOP in celebrating the best meal of the day with the hashtag #BreakfastLove.

1. Biscuits & Gravy

2. Country Fried Steak & Eggs

3. Eggs & Bacon

4. Eggs and Bacon Pancakes

5. Chicken And Waffles

6. Ham & Eggs

7. Hash-browns, Ham, Bacon and Eggs

8. Bagels And Lox

9. Bacon, Egg and Cheese

10. Pancakes With Syrup and Butter

11. Stuffed French Toast And Fruit

12. Belgian Waffle and Whipped Cream

13. Crepes and Fruit

14. Steak and Eggs

15. Pancakes And Cheesecake

16. Inspired By: The Best Meal Of The Day

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