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10 Of Our Favorite Sandwiches To Have For Breakfast

If you think sandwiches are strictly for lunch, you are sadly mistaken. Check out some scrumptious eats that will make it much easier to get out of bed in the morning, and don't forget to get your hands on IHOP's new handmade Griddle Melts.

1. Smoked Salmon And Egg On A Bagel

Brian Samuels / Via

2. Spinach, Bacon, Goat Cheese And Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

Bob & Carlene Deutscher / Via

3. Grilled Cream Cheese And Heirloom Tomato Sandwich

MacKenzie Smith / Via

4. Peach, Bacon And Avocado Sandwich

5. Sesame-Crusted Feta And Fig Jam In A Pita

Maria del Mar Sacasa / Via

6. Heirloom Tomato Sandwich

Gina Homolka / Via

7. Peanut Butter, Apple And Bacon Sandwiches

8. Roasted Eggplant Sandwich With White Bean Spread And Chive Pesto

Cara Eisenpress / Via

9. Croissant Croque Madame

Sarah J. Gim / Via

10. Boiled Egg, Seared Asparagus And Pickled Onion Sandwich

Leela Cyd / Via

Inspired By IHOP's New Griddle Melts