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    Time To Shop, Because Victoria's Secret Is Having Their Semi-Annual Sale

    So many cute bras and so little time!

    Hello folks! Victoria's Secret and Pink are having their semi-annual sale where everything is up to 60% off for a limited time only!!! You know what that means? Tons of adorable underwear for you!

    Here are some of our top picks:

    1. A scoop bralette so your boobs can be nice and free while surrounded by beautiful lace.

    2. A sherpa sweatshirt for keeping you nice and toasty through these long, winter nights.

    3. A front-close bra, because you are sick and tired of having to twist around in order to close or open the clasps.

    4. A push-up bra so your cleavage can be abundant in that new V-neck dress you bought the other day.

    5. A knit pajama set to lounge around the house and watch Netflix all day long in.

    6. An unlined demi bra, because sometimes you don't need all that padding protecting your boobies.

    7. A wireless push-up sports bra so you can comfortably have the support you need.

    8. A lace-up tee that'll be perfect for watching any and all soccer games on the couch.

    9. A dope plunge teddy that'll be an absolutely adorable addition to your ever-growing lingerie collection.

    10. A sporty jacket to throw on en route to the gym for your daily workout session.

    11. A pair of velvet cheekster panties so you can have your vintage style reach all the way to your underwear.

    12. A pair of trendy track pants that'll come in handy when it's time to go on your daily jog.

    13. A silky robe so you can sashay around your fancy-ass apartment with a glass of some really expensive scotch, because you're nothing but elegant.

    14. Hiphugger panties, because you'd really like to prevent removing your skinny jeans AND underwear at the same time.

    15. A pair of mesh shimmer panties that'll be just as festive as your sparkling dress when it's time to ring in the new year.

    16. A satin romper so you'll be able to slip and slide on matching silk sheets before bedtime.

    17. A pair of logo panties to wear when you want your butt to be as comfortable as possible.

    18. A pair of sparkly, skinny joggers that'll be a fancy addition to your current althleisure wear.

    Shop the full Victoria's Secret and Pink sales for all the semi-annual deals!

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