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    25 Things You'll Need To Make April 20th Lit AF

    A range of products to make 4/20 an everyday occasion!

    1. A pack of airtight, waterproof tubes that'll be perfect to save the multiple blunts you didn't finish for later.

    2. A humourous cigarette case so you can fashionably contain all your doobies in one place... just in case the mood strikes.

    3. A pack of pre-rolled cones to help out anyone who literally can't roll to save their life, but still wants to get lit on the weekends.

    4. A truly iconic sticker of a youthful 44 enjoying the many benefits of Mary Jane, proving that even the most accomplished of us have recreationally inhaled.

    5. A thought-provoking print to hang in your humble abode that'll let everyone know why exactly you love the kush.

    6. A cone loader so all of your joints can be packed to the rim without the fucking fallout. The fatter the better, bruh.

    7. A handy rolling tray that'll make it easier for you to pack your blunts, joints, and whatever else your little pothead heart desires. No one has time for ~product~ falling to the floor when you can smoke it!

    8. A trendy cap to keep your head thinking about the green monster even when you're absolutely sober.

    9. An out of this world crystal pipe with a removable filter that'll take you on a spaceship far far away once you actually inhale.

    10. A pack of smell-proof bags to keep all of that bud out of sight and out of mind, especially when you're on the way to a function.

    11. A personal air filter, because you love to blaze in your apartment knowing damn well you like in a smoke-free building.

    12. A funny T-shirt that'll encompass your whole mood when it comes to your favorite national holiday.

    13. An absolutely groovy Scooby Doo pillow to get in touch with your inner investigator. Let's be real, the whole gang was zooted while solving mysteries, anyway.

    14. A handy debowler that'll double as a cool ashtray, but also clean out your dirty-ass pipe you haven't emptied out in ages.

    15. A minimalist print for anyone who doesn't like to loudly announce their love for ganja, but still wants to represent.

    16. A Harry Potter stash jar, because when you're high as a kite you always watch the movie and say things would've been so much simpler if Lord Voldy and Harry just puff puff passed and talked everything out.

    17. A set of best bud keychains for you and your amazing pal, because y'all absolutely adore getting high all the time.

    18. A pack of 24K gold rolling papers, because you're extra AF and you deserve to fly high in style.

    19. A super chill silicone baking tray for all of the hash brownies you're gonna wind up eating.

    20. A handy vape pen to (discretely) inhale your daily dose of relaxation on the go.

    21. A set of high rise socks for keeping your ankles fashionable while on a deep dive to buzztown.

    22. A discrete, wooden stash box so all of your essentials can be in one place.

    23. A llama plush to cuddle while having the best weed-induced nap of your life.

    24. A microfiber blanket you can get all cozy with after you eat a whole pack of Oreos. Those munchies, man.

    25. And a pack of Oreos so you can literally eat until you explode, because munchies don't wait for anyone, not even you.

    You whenever someone mentions smoking weed:

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