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    33 Of The Best Things To Buy From The Urban Outfitters Memorial Day Sale

    Treat yourself to some BBQ and a good sale.

    1. Comfortable cut-off shorts that can be paired with pretty much anything.

    2. Plus some preppy-ass chino shorts to look dope in at the BBQ.

    3. This edgy af iridescent mesh tee.

    4. An out of this world NASA shirt.

    5. This tee.... because A Jagged Little Pill is an alternative masterpiece, you oughta know.

    6. This sporty cropped tank top that's perfect for loads of different outdoor activities.

    7. High-waisted, vintage-style shorts for a low-key blast to the past.

    8. This oyster shell float because the ocean holds many secrets and this is definitely one of them.

    9. An elegant ruffle-sleeve top for when you want to feel delicate and put together.

    10. A literal sea shell float for a relaxing lounge in the pool. Sounds splendid. Seems appropriate.

    11. A classic pair of Levi shorts to keep you cool and stylish this summer.

    12. This Selena T-shirt so you can celebrate the queen of Taino music anytime.

    13. A lace halter bra that's super soft and comfy!

    14. Printed shorts that are super '90s... thankfully that's totally trendy right now. Score.

    15. A cold-shoulder top that is simultaneously casual and dressy. Duality!

    16. A super light, striped button-down shirt to keep you cool during hot weather.

    17. Overall shorts so you can prepare yourself (and everyone else) for your future Romphim debut.

    18. An oversized ringer T-shirt to complete your Pearl Jam and Nirvana-esqe grunge look.

    19. Printed, drawstring board shorts—ideal for days at the beach.

    20. This. Wu-Tang Clan obviously isn't one to fuck with, and neither is this tee.

    21. These sweetheart rings that'll be a splendid addition to your fingers. Show off some bling, boo!

    22. A bright pink flamingo pool float. I just don't know what's more majestic and bold.

    23. Boxing shorts you don't have to be a boxer to enjoy ! These would be a pretty glorious addition to your closet.

    24. Some humongous hoop earrings (an outfit can't be complete without some)!

    25. Quirky Mickey Mouse Levi shorts for just the right amount of nostalgia.

    26. This reversible tune squad tank top so you can ball hard with Bugs Bunny. Welcome to the Space Jam.

    27. This shirt that's perfect for someone who loves to...consume illegal substances. We're not saying you're a stoner.

    28. A lattice choker necklace because it's trendy af! You honestly cannot go wrong.

    29. This layered necklace that gives you three chains in one so you won't have to deal with tangled jewelry. Convenient, if you ask me.

    30. A super breathable and feminine ruffled off-the-shoulder top.

    31. These denim shorts that are just superb for a skateboarding session or lounging on the couch. Your choice.

    32. Finally, to be honest, I don't know what was more iconic than the Dawson crying face, so it makes total sense to print it on a T-shirt.

    You're gonna save so much money, I'm so happy for you!