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    17 Of The Best Rice Cookers You Can Get On Amazon

    Top-rated appliances that'll make preparing rice so much easier.

    1. Aroma Houseware's rice steamer with cool touch can be moved around in the kitchen while in use. Shout out to never accidentally burning your hands!

    2. This rice cooker has a double-locked lid to prevent water spillage when you put it in the microwave!

    3. Cuckoo's Teflon coating is ideal for all of the awful cooks who don't watch how long their food has been doing its thing.

    4. The little guy on the bottom of the Livart rice cooker really can't wait to have lunch in the park!

    5. This bright pink rice cooker can cook almost anything, even chicken wings. Who knew?

    6. A cooker that's just perfect for Persian-style rice. If the bottom has a golden brown crust, it's just right!

    7. A rice cooker adept at making oatmeal, as well as jasmine or Uncle Ben's rice.

    8. This mini rice cooker makes just enough for you, and maybe a friend if you wanna share!

    9. Don't have room on your counter for a traditional rice cooker? A microwavable one can make delicious rice in a fraction of the time.

    10. Stistema's microwavable rice steamer is great for people who are honestly afraid of the stove, and don't know how to handle pots and pans.

    11. In the mood for some Cream Of Wheat before you make some banging rice? Hamilton Beach's rice and hot cereal cooker can make breakfast so much simpler with its delayed start.

    12. Oster's rice and grain cooker has a glass top so you can watch your meal transform into edible yumminess.

    13. If you need a pressure cooker, as well as a great rice cooker, Cosori has your back.

    14. Zojirushi's rice cooker and warmer can make up to one liter of rice, just in time for that huge dinner party you're hosting. That's like half a soda bottle.

    15. What a convenience to have your main meal AND rice finished at the same time! This rice cooker's also equipped with a mini slow cooker, making dinner prep that much easier.

    16. A futuristic looking electric rice cooker with multiple functions that'll even assist you in cooking brown rice.

    17. Making rice has never been as effortless with this Panasonic rice cooker that has one-step automatic cooking and shut off -- just in case you fell asleep when you should have been checking on your food.

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.