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    21 Of The Best Primers You Can Get On Amazon

    From silicone- to water-based, these are the best of the best!

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Who doesn't want a bright, pleasant face? L'Oreal Magic Lumi Primer has a perfect combination of moisturizer and highlighter to give your face a baked appearance without any of the work.

    Promising Review: "I wear this without makeup for a subtle glow. I also wear it under my foundation, or even mixed with my foundation. It feels so nice on my skin. It isn't shimmery at all, but gives a nice glow. This is my favorite primer of all time because it has multiple uses depending on what look you want. I have combo skin and this does not look oily on me." –Carl White

    Price: $10.97 Rating: 4.2/5

    2. Bodyography Foundation Primer is a great makeup base that leaves your skin silky smooth to the touch, even after putting tons of product on top.

    Promising Review: "Words cannot describe my love for this primer! I love everything about it – the way it feels on my skin, how it absorbs quickly, and most importantly, how it makes my foundation go on flawlessly and lasts a ridiculous amount of time. This will seriously transform how you feel about your foundation and how your skin looks." –Laura R

    Price: $13.78 Rating: 4.6/5

    3. If you were looking for a primer that also can fill in the fine lines of your face without being super heavy, Beauty Shot Face Blur could be the one for you!,

    Promising Review: "I enjoy using this face blur as my primer. I use it after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing in the morning. It appears to smooth my skin without leaving a sticky feeling. It helps my foundation stay smooth and in place throughout the day." –S. Kim

    Price: $12.50 Rating: 4.2/5

    4. Babes with oily skin will absolutely love Hourglass Cosmetics Veil Mineral Primer—it minimizes shine so you won't have to blot your face throughout the day!

    Promising Review: "I have the most oily skin ever, that also sometimes manages to get dry and flaky – so I'll be flaky but also oily. It's weird. This helps my makeup stay on no matter what my crazy skin is doing that day. I have some pretty severe pitted acne scars, and this seems to smooth and reduce how obvious they are. This is definitely worth the money. One pump of product is all I need each day, so it lasts a long time!" –Cassandra

    Price: $54 Rating: 4.3/5

    5. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer gives you lightweight coverage that can totally handle heavy-ass product without ever sinking into your pores.,

    Promising Review: "Oh man, this stuff is made of magic. It completely smoothes out my skin before my foundation. It literally makes my skin look softer and smoother. My foundation looks better on my skin with this primer than it does without. My foundation does not settle into my pores or into any fine lines around my mouth, eyes, or forehead. It's also oil-free." –ediecornelius

    Price: $33.77 Rating: 4.4/5

    6. Sometimes you just need a primer that doesn't even feel like a primer. The Face Shop Velvet Skin Primer has a gel-like texture that glides over the top of you skin for a smooth-ass finish.

    Promising Review: "I think this primer is now my HG. I've tried other primers and they haven't worked that well, especially for my super dry skin. This leaves my face really soft and makes my foundation go on smooth. I think it does make my foundation last longer, as well. I have gotten compliments because my foundation looks nice on top of this primer." –Jo

    Price: $12.97 Rating: 4.2/5

    7. Shany Perfecting Foundation Primer is infused with Vitamin E so your skin won't feel all cakey and dry by the end of the day.,

    Promising Review: "I have extremely oily, acne-prone skin. As you can imagine, it is difficult for me to find products that help keep my acne at bay, as well as properly hydrate and maintain my face. This stuff is the best. I use it in the morning after my facial moisturizer. My oiliness is not completely gone, but it is controlled!" –Nicole Zabel

    Price: $10 Rating: 4.0/5

    8. VDL Lumilayer Primer can help reduce the appearance of pores to give you an amazing, photoshopped look!

    Promising Review: "This is the best and most cost-efficient lumilayer primer I have ever used. I mixed it with my cream full-coverage foundation, and it makes the cream foundation smoother, but still has great coverage. Skin looks beautiful immediately. Amazing technology." –YF

    Price: $15.99 Rating: 4.3/5

    9. E.l.f. Cosmetics always makes high-quality products that are crazy affordable, and their Mineral Infused Primer is no different. It can combat oily or dry, flaky skin for a long-lasting, natural-looking base.,

    Promising Review: "I read a review that said it felt like applying satin to your face, and I agree! I have acne and my skin has redness that often shows up through my foundation, but with this it was even and no redness showed! My foundation was even and felt better than when I applied it without the primer." –Kristen

    Price: $4.99 Rating: 4.2/5

    10. Too Faced Primed and Poreless preps your precious skin for popping bronzer and other powdered makeup!

    Promising Review: "This is like rubbing silk on your face. Absorbed nicely, helped minimize pores, and gave length to makeup. I adore this! I have oily skin and had no problems with breakouts." –Renee

    Price: $42.94 Rating: 4.1/5

    11. If you massage Laura Mercier Foundation Primer into your skin, it will create an even surface perfect for your beauty blender to do its magic, while treating yourself to a temple massage.

    Promising Review: "I really like this product! Some primers can leave a residue on the skin that peels off when I apply foundation color. Not so with this primer. My makeup glides on like silk and looks great all day. There is no scent to compete with my perfume and the result is beautiful." –Linda Clements-Urick

    Price: $32.93 Rating: 4.0/5

    12. If you have really dry skin, Reviva Labs Makeup Primer is infused with aloe vera and cucumber to restore moisture into your pores in order to prevent irritation.,

    Promising Review: "I LOVE this stuff! I bought this for my wedding so my makeup would last. Before I went to work today I tried a little bit underneath my makeup. I have a very labor-intensive job and thought that if it could make my makeup look amazing at the end of the day (through sweat and my naturally oily skin) then it's a keeper. It really did make my makeup look amazing ALL DAY LONG! If you have oily skin, then this makeup primer is a must." –AJS

    Price: $7.99 Rating: 4.2/5

    13. Sunscreen is extremely important, and with BareMinerals Tinted primer, you won't have to remember to protect your largest organ!

    Promising Review: "This stuff is like magic. I have combination breakout-prone skin and this stuff helps my skin look smooth, even on my worst days. When I first started using it my boyfriend even remarked that my skin looked great. I usually put it on after a moisturizer and follow up with the bareMinerals powder foundation. I've noticed that my makeup stays in place much longer and my skin looks great even after sweating a bunch at the gym or a bike ride home from work. I am prone to breakouts, and this stuff doesn't make me break out at all. I'm always hesitant to try a new product for fear of how my skin will react, but I'm so glad I tried this." –niodojk

    Price: $16.11 Also available in light. Rating: 4.3/5

    14. L'Oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base is a perfect start for your flawless, matte makeup look.,

    Promising Review: "I have been using this every morning for a few weeks as part of my beauty routine. It definitely helps your foundation go on smoother and leaves your skin feeling silky to the touch." –Soleil

    Price: $9.74 Rating: 4.2/5

    15. NYX Studio Perfect Primer has three colors with distinct functions, one will cover fine lines, the other will brighten dull skin, and the last can reduce the appearance of redness.

    Promising Review: "I love this primer from NYX. I have very pale and red skin (with rosacea across my cheeks and nose), and the primer does negate some of it after it has dried on my skin. It goes on very smooth and doesn't have a oily feel to it. I love this primer so much that when I couldn't squeeze out any more of it I snipped the flat end off and used it that way." –Sera

    Price: $9.74 Also available in lavender or green. Rating: 4.0/5

    16. TimeBalm Face Primer's antioxidants soothe irritated skin before you put any product on so you won't get any breakouts.,

    Promising Review: "Very silky going on. It's transparent, whereas other primers have been more opaque and gave some coverage. This product gives my skin a very smooth and soft feeling." –TexasGoatMomma

    Price: $28.50 Rating: 4.3/5

    17. Youngblood Mineral Foundation is totally translucent and has minerals to aid in protecting your skin from environmental damage because pollution is a thing.

    Promising Review: "This is one of my all-time favorite primers. I'm an aesthetician so I've tried several over the course of my time, but the ingredients, feel, and quality of this one goes far beyond any others. It feels like silk on your face without adding oil or shine." –Emily Z.

    Price: $22.36 Rating: 4.6/5

    18. Supernatural Tinted Primer can be used as a base for your foundation, or alone to cover dark spots for a more even skin tone.

    Promising Review: "I love this product with my whole heart. There is nothing better. It blurs fine lines, evens out your skin tone, provides a smooth surface for any other makeup application, and has a natural sunscreen that does not make my skin freak out. I can wear it under foundation or powder or alone. This is the most perfect product ever made!" –Monti James

    Price: $25.10 Rating: 4.4/5

    19. This Thank Me Later Eyeshadow Primer will make your eye makeup really fucking vibrant without using (and wasting) tons of product!,

    Promising Review: "Wow!! This stuff is amazing. My eyeshadow stayed on all day and all night. I hated to take it off because it looked like I had just put it on. I was an Urban Decay fan, but now this is my go-to eyelid primer. It's light, and the removal was much easier than Urban Decay, too. There were no creases, and it didn't leave that caked feeling that some primers do." –Trena

    Price: $15 Rating: 4.7/5

    20. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water is obviously water-based, but it won't aggravate your acne while having makeup to last you through a hot and sweaty night at the club!

    Promising Review: "I have oily skin so this makes a difference when I wear makeup. I use this product in conjunction with the Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I spray the primer water first then add the primer to my T-zone. My makeup stays put considerably longer than what I've noticed with other primers and primer waters." –Amazon Customer

    Price: $25.75 Rating: 4.1/5

    21. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, an affordable primer that rivals any high-end option and will have your skin feeling like a baby's butt, while your makeup looks fly-as-hell.,

    Promising Review: "A friend of mine recently tried this and she absolutely raved about it for a week straight before I gave hers a try one night while getting dressed at her house. Holy Maybelline, this stuff is phenomenal! I used it on my face, and I literally looked photoshopped, in a great way. If you wear makeup this is a must have item!" –Amanda98

    Price: $5.29 Rating: 4.0/5


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