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    23 Completely Awesome Phone Cases You Can Get For Less Than 10 Bucks

    Your phone doesn't have to be naked.

    1. An iPhone case with slits for your cards, cash, and ID for those fuss-free days. Sometimes you don't want to carry a wallet or a huge purse, and shouldn't have to.

    2. A delightful and dainty floral-patterned iPhone case.

    3. This shock-proof case that's able to endure multiple tumbles while keeping your phone cozy and crack-free. I wouldn't go dropping it off a building, though. Sounds risky.

    4. A fancy transparent case with a dainty design worthy of your phone.

    5. A clear caseβ€”ideal for showing off your phone's true identity.

    6. Our friend Totoro. He's completely prepared to protect any iPhone you leave in his charge.

    7. A sleek, sexy matte case that gives off minimalist vibes.

    8. An Optimus Prime case. Seems pretty fitting that he would protect your phone from sudden death. Robots in disguise.

    9. A peaceful giraffe to decorate the back of your Galaxy S7. She's so zen.

    10. This Absolut vodka case, so happy hour can be at *any* time. Try not to get too wasted, though.

    11. This case. Because pineapples aren't just tasty, they're trendy.

    12. An adorable kawaii kitty case that can almost convince you to be a cat person. Almost.

    13. A case-version of Baymax to protect your phone with love and absolute care. Are you satisfied?

    14. A clear bumper case with just the right amount of color. Some would call it a "pop."

    15. This camera case for fooling everyone into thinking that you've got a hobby in photography. You do take awesome selfies, so they're not totally wrong.

    16. A super rugged and durable iPhone case that comes with a built-in screen protecter.

    17. A bottle-shaped iPhone case, because escapism is reminiscing over the times you didn't have to do a damn thing but watch cartoons all day. Better days.

    18. A fuzzy, cushy-ass case that'll have you wondering why you fell in love with it in the first place.

    19. This little bear who's desperately trying to get your attention. He's just too cute to ignore! It's great that you can carry him anywhere so he won't get lonely.

    20. A nautical case that's absolutely ready for the open seas. Anchors away!

    21. This Artemis and Luna Cat case you can save the world and talk about boys with.

    22. A baby unicorn to keep your phone from cracking by using its dazzling magic!

    23. This unique silicone case that'll help you ponder the existential question of whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not.

    Are you absolutely sure your phone isn't a transformer? Are you?!

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