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    27 Useful Products That'll Help Keep Your Kitchen Mess-Free

    The greatest chefs have a clean kitchen!

    1. Shelf liners that'll protect your cabinets and drawers from sticky condiments and protect you from the extra work of wiping them down.

    2. A cookbook stand with a protective splash guard to keep you from dripping marinara sauce on your beloved recipes.

    3. A pack of flexible, color-coded plastic cutting boards to avoid any cross-contamination.

    4. A snappy strainer you can clip onto most pots so you can drain your pasta with one hand — without splattering hot water all over your countertops.

    5. An angry microwave cleaner to steam off crusted food, because you just couldn't be bothered with covering the top of your plate to avoid splatter.

    6. A pack of reusable and compostable (!!!) beeswax wraps that'll save you some change down the road and keep your food from spoiling in the fridge, so you can avoid a rank-ass smell haunting you.

    7. A simple splatter screen, because nobody actually wants to ruin their white shirt or dirty their freshly-cleaned stovetop with tomato sauce.

    8. An adjustable kitchen wrap organizer so you can have all your sandwich bags all in one place instead of scattered around the pantry.

    9. An absolutely adorable sink strainer to keep bits of extra food from falling inside your drain, essentially saving you thousands of dollars on plumbing bills.

    10. A set of stainless steel bowls with a non-slip silicone base and handles so you won't can spill all the ingredients for your latest masterpiece on the kitchen floor like the klutz you are.

    11. A pack of microfiber towels that'll wipe down any and all of your appliances, leaving them squeaky clean and without those pesky streaks.

    12. A pair of locking tongs with a built-in rest to keep the dirty part off your countertops.

    13. A glass cooktop cleaner essential for removing the burnt, caked-on food stuck to the sides of your burner from your latest cooking disaster.

    14. A stainless-steel cleaner to remove all of those annoying little fingerprints on your fridge.

    15. A rotating, magnetized knife set to keep your kitchen just as minimalistic as you are. The fewer appliances around, the less mess will be made.

    16. A collapsible colander that'll easily wash off your fruits and veggies. Then you can put it away without taking up precious cabinet space.

    17. A lazy Susan turntable that'll organize cluttered cabinets and countertops so you can easily find what you're looking for.

    18. A two-tier organizer for kitchen counters that'll help free up some important space. Less clutter means a peaceful mind.

    19. A handy dish brush with a built-in soap dispenser, making it even easier to scrub the dishes that have been sitting in your sink for nearly a week.

    20. A roll-up drying rack because countertop space is crucial real estate that cannot and should not be taken over by tons of dishes.

    21. An expandable shelf that'll let you safely stack your dishes so you don't have to pull a muscle trying to reach that one plate at the bottom. Plus, it'll give you so much more cabinet space!

    22. A multipurpose food dicer with seven interchangeable blades that make chopping, slicing, and grating easy peasy lemon squeezy — no really, this thing also has a juicer attachment! Plus, it'll keep pieces of veggies from falling on your floor.

    23. A simple caddy for organizing your dish-cleaning essentials...and for keeping sponges out of your germ-ridden sink.

    24. A pack of Clorox disinfecting wipes so you can wipe up the quick spills you made while cooking your latest masterpiece.

    25. A sink caddy with lil' suction cups that stick onto the side of your sink so your sponges and brushes can *actually* dry.

    26. A two-piece oven grip and splatter–protecting set because you'd really like to keep your stovetop sauce- and oil-free so you won't have to spend a whole 20 minutes scrubbing away.

    27. A cleansing powder to easily remove built-up rust and hard water stains in your kitchen sink.

    You'll be ready for your Food Network debut in no time with that squeaky-clean kitchen!

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