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    33 Pieces Of Decor To Make Your Apartment Feel Like "Yours"

    Home items with personality!

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    1. A crane figurine to show off how adept you are when it comes to interior design.

    2. A '90s inspired wallpaper so you can forever be in a state of nostalgia.

    3. A pretty panda planter ready to hold all of your succulents in place. It promises not to eat them!

    4. A special leaf-shaped candle to display how interested you are in certain illegal substances.

    5. A Harry Potter sheet set that'll have you dreaming of wizarding duels and what you would've done if you actually got your acceptance letter.

    6. A handy desk organizer to keep all of your pens and papers from cluttering up your perfect workspace.

    7. A pretty cheerful zebra throw so you can channel the savannah in your living room.

    8. A whimsical ceramic figurine to creep out everyone it comes in contact with...even you.

    9. A camera clock essential for letting you know when it's time to be photo ready.

    10. A Stranger Things nightlight to protect you from the upside down during your night in.

    11. A Versace-styled area rug that'll add a bit of expensive luxury without overdrawing your bank account.

    12. A totally customizable Post-It mural kit so cute your friends will be sure to compliment you on how cultured you are.

    13. A flamingo wall decoration essential for adding a bit of quirkiness to your bedroom walls. Or in your living room if you wanna be that bold.

    14. A dog figurine who is most definitely a good boy by waiting for you to get home.

    15. A glass skull ready to school you on the intricacies of intelligence while looking fucking cool on your shelf.

    16. A mini light box you can adorn with aspirational sayings anytime you're feeling down.

    17. A Bob's Burger's pillow to show just how in tune you are with Tina's not-so-secret obsession with butts.

    18. A wine rack that tells you exactly where you are before you grab that bottle of pino.

    19. A magical unicorn table light you could place on your nightstand to let everyone know your stance on mythical beings.

    20. A cute-ass elephant pen organizer happy to hold all of your pens and pencils while making a good impression on your guests.

    21. A roll of marble vinyl wrap so you can add a bit of fanciness to your simple space.

    22. A totally awesome piece of wall art Cher would be fucking proud of.

    23. A hamburger throw blanket that will keep you warm during those times when all you wanna do is cozy up with a hot cuppa and your favorite book.

    24. Quirky vinyl record bookends because you just love music, ok?

    25. Ceramic doorknobs guaranteed to make all of your cupboards have a bit of your quirky style.

    26. A llama vase that'll have no probllama holding your adorable floral arrangements.

    27. A bunch of personable succulents that would take a lot on your part to kill, which is all the more reason you need to have them in your apartment.

    28. A couple of flower drapes to add a tad of spring color even in the dead of winter.

    29. A cute fox doormat your guests would love to be greeted with when they visit.

    30. A couple of disco ball string lights to place along the walls of your place for a bit of Saturday night fever.

    31. A jewelry dish totally willing to lend you a ~hand~.

    32. A pack of doggy coasters so no one will be able to leave a horrid water ring on your end table.

    33. A Pac-Man ghost light that literally changes colors in time to your music. Pretty freaking cool, I must say.

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    Time to dance in your underpants because you do what in your place, dammit!