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    28 Pairs Of Shorts That Are As Cute As They Are Cheap

    Who loves short shorts?

    1. Shorts that are a prime example of how lace makes everything fancier.

    2. A classic pair of frayed denim cutoffs to go with literally anything. Multiplicity!

    3. A pair of tie-dye shorts for making the '70s just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

    4. Floral shorts that are just the right length for short legs!

    5. Bermuda shorts—you won't go missing in the devil's triangle with these, I promise!

    6. Satin shorts that are certainly luxurious af. Luckily, they're super comfortable, too.

    7. A proper pair of embroidered floral cutoffs. Festival season can't start without them.

    8. Colorful distressed shorts that have just the right amount of edge.

    9. Khaki shorts appropriate for any occasion, especially outdoor activities.

    10. Some high-rise scalloped shorts that can be worn day or night.

    11. Dainty-ass dolphin shorts with frayed edges for ultra feminine appeal.

    12. Acid-washed jeans perfect for a Guns N' Roses concert, or any concert, really. Rock on.

    13. Bright and bodacious cutoffs with a whole lot of personality.

    14. Some striped shorts that almost remind you of pajamas. Is it nap time yet?

    15. Holographic shorts for a futuristic, Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century kind of vibe.

    16. A pair of amazing star-patterned, high-rise shorts you can totally shine in.

    17. Casual harem shorts that are remarkably comfortable and surprisingly versatile!

    18. These floral shorts that could honestly be called perennial-chic.

    19. Lightweight pom pom shorts you can lounge all day on the beach with.

    20. Tie-dye shorts with rolled cuffs for a whole lot of personality.

    21. Shorts by Levis. They're the king of all things jean, so why would shorts be any different?

    22. Silky, patterned shorts that can be easily paired with some sandals!

    23. Retro-style shorts that'll go perfectly with a T-shirt for a night out.

    24. Twill shorts with the amount of stretch—they'll come in handy when you eat a little too much at brunch. We've all been there.

    25. Some pastel shorts for a soft, subtle, and gentle aesthetic.

    26. Preppy-ass chino shorts that totally are fancy yacht appropriate.

    27. These shorts have tons of personality, just like you! Chinle patterns are a trend that definitely shouldn't end.

    28. And some high-waisted Ivy Park shorts to channel your inner Beyoncé.

    Let's celebrate the fact that I've exhausted the word "shorts" throughout this story!