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27 Impossibly Adorable Products For Your Bathroom You'll Want ASAP

A bit of cuteness for the place where you do most of your deep thinking.

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2. A pretty useful pair of shower squids prepared to make your shower wall their next home.

Promising Review: "The squid is really cute and holds all my shower necessities firmly and well. It's easy to use and convenient, and best of all, it's something I can quickly grab on my way to the shower in the dorms." —Spurfy

Get them from Uncommon Goods for $33 each.


4. A bouncy bunny who will hold all of your spare cotton balls because what is a bunny without a fluffy tail?

Is it even a bunny at all?

Promising Review: "Bought for a friend who has rabbits. She was absolutely delighted with it." —Scooter

Get it from IWoot for $9.51.

6. A splendid waterproof speaker with suction cups so it can play all of your favorite tunes while you're taking a shower. In fact, it's almost as talented as Gary.


17. A super nosey but approachable toilet monster decal to help your little one get used to trying out the big people's potty.

18. A cunning hedgehog that'll stay put for a while and keep your brush from being contaminated with dreadful poo bacteria, unlike his cousin Sonic.

Promising Review: "I didn't want another container on my bathroom counter taking up space and didn't want to just put my wet toothbrush in the drawer. This was an adorable solution that goes on the bathroom mirror so easily. It fits my adult (dollar store) toothbrush just fine, faces to the side and not forward, and seems to dry just fine as well. And I love hedgehogs!" —Melanie

Get it from Amazon for $8.85. Available in five animals.


21. A precious kid's fish bath rug who'll scream "just keep swimming."

Promising Review: "This memory foam mat is absolutely amazing. I use it as my bathroom mat and when I step out of the shower, it feels as if I am stepping on clouds. The mat is very warm, soft, and smooth, and has a lot of cushion. It's the perfect thing to step on after a shower and the design is awesome!" —Anthony

Get it from Amazon for $21.88. Available in three colors.


Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.