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    17 Of The Best Welcome Mats On Amazon

    First impressions are important, so why not get a mat that encompasses all that you are?

    1. A "go away" doormat to let any and all visitors know that they aren't welcome, but they can leave cookies.

    2. A colorful option that'll be a truly original way to welcome anyone who comes into your home.

    3. An all-weather cat mat, because you'd like to proclaim your infinite love for all things feline, rain or shine.

    4. A deer doormat with a coir center that'll really get all of the excess gravel off your favorite shoes.

    5. A relaxing mat so you can release all the tension you've been carrying before entering the literal safe space of your home.

    6. A super specific floral option, because your home is the place for weary gangstas to rest their heads before they head to their next hustle.

    7. A truly clever mat so all your furry friends understand that they're absolutely invited anytime.

    8. A LotR–inspired choice for keeping all the creepy, haunted things outside of your domain. You should probably cleanse the doorway with sage, too.

    9. An easy-to-clean diversity welcome mat to really cement the fact that you'll accept dogs (big and small) into your house without any hesitation whatsoever.

    10. A humorous option that'll absolutely, positively describe your inner temperament. It ain't nothing but a G thang, amirite?

    11. A "wipe your paws" mat, because even human beings don't understand the art of dusting the backs of their shoes before entering a clean house.

    12. A doormat to give off a warm and fuzzy energy to everyone who visits.

    13. A traditional welcome mat, because you'd actually like to classically invite others into your suburban dwelling without any issues.

    14. A "howdy" doormat to let everyone know that you personally embody Woody from Toy Story even if you're an adult that has their own place.

    15. A waterproof, ribbed option for wiping off muddy and grimy boots so you don't track it all over the house.

    16. A patterned mat to really get all of the dirt and grime off your shoes before you enter your sanitary sanctuary.

    17. A surfboard doormat, because you want to ride the waves of rest and relaxation all the way to bed so why not start outside?

    Home, sweet home!

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