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    21 Awesome And Inexpensive Watches You'll Want To Buy ASAP

    For all the people who were going to look for their missing watch, but couldn't find the time.

    1. Two adorable and nerdy cat watches! Are you kitten me?

    2. Who doesn't like a little bling on their wrist? Polo has got you covered.

    3. This canvas watch will be so comfortable on your skin that you'll never want to take it off. It doesn't hurt that it looks stylish AF.

    4. A retro and reliable gold tinted Casio wrist-watch because you just can't let go of the '90s. Neither can I, to be honest.

    5. Marble isn't JUST for the kitchen countertops of your dreams. It's also a great design choice for a watch.

    6. Rose gold is lit right now and pineapples are delicious AF. Why not have both on your wrist?

    7. An actual watch made out of WOOD. I guess there is such a thing as a butcher-block timepiece, who knew?

    8. A small, subdued pink-strapped wrist watch for people who don't want much fuss when it comes to keeping time.

    9. Feeling modern as hell? Try this matte timepiece that'll get you so many compliments.

    10. Flowers are everywhere just to remind you that spring is upon us!

    11. Why wouldn't you want some majestic af flamangos as a watch design?

    12. Can you see the man in the moon? He wants you to find him, preferably in the face of this cool ticker.

    13. Sometimes you just need something sleek and simple with a hint of class to tell you the hour of the day.

    14. Nothing like a magical and magnificent elephant telling time for you.

    15. Give geometry a chance with this geeky, but sharp wrist watch. It doesn't have any numbers on it, but I guess it can still tell time?

    16. A ticker with so many buttons, switches and modes. Sounds like an adventure. A stylish adventure.

    17. This nude strap watch will calm you down with its pure tones, even when you're 20 minutes late to work.

    18. A classic Mickey Mouse watch that'll have you reminiscing about the simplicities of childhood.

    19. A watch that's almost as simplistic and refined as stuff in your grandmother's jewelry box.

    20. If you can actually read Roman numerals, this cute-ass white banded watch would be a perfect fit!

    21. Finally, a watch to match your minimalistic aesthetic! It just so happens to be dapper as hell.

    Don't be like the White Rabbit. Get a watch.