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24 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

A Harry Potter coloring book, an off-the-shoulder dress, dry shampoo, and 21 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

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1. The Outsiders. Why not go back and relive the hard but relatable life of seemingly no good teenagers and have a good cry?

Stay gold, Ponyboy.

Promising Review: "I have been teaching for many years and this novel continues be a favorite for so many reasons. At first the students think this is going to be a cheesy story about nerdy kids from the pages of history, but by the time we get to the fire in the church, they are hooked. They have empathy for Ponyboy, Soda, and Johnny. They appreciate their struggles in dysfunctional families that have such a history of loss and lack of privilege; it creates such genuine discussion. Not a dry eye in my little class when Johnny gets the copy of Gone with the Wind in the hospital." —moviegal

Price: $7.59 (paperback), $8.99 (Kindle) Rating: 4.7 out of 5

2. A set of Pyrex measuring cups so all of your cakes and other baked goods will be properly portioned. And if you're a total klutz, it won't break on you!

The set includes 1-cup, 2-cup, and 4-cup microwave-safe measuring cups!

Promising Review: "Nice heavy measuring cup. The glass is thick, which is great for someone as clumsy as me. So far it has been knocked off the counter three times and hasn't broken; not even the handle. There are English measurements on one side and metric on the other. Plus it's microwave safe. Love it!" —Ronault D. Trowbridge

Price: $19.99 Rating: 4.7 out of 5


3. A cute and charming Harry Potter coloring book to further experience the wonders of the wizarding world.

Promising Review: "I am an adult that seriously enjoys coloring. I also have a deep appreciation for Harry Potter everything. This coloring book is the best of both worlds! There are colored stills from the movie at the end of this book to assist in choosing the correct shades to use throughout the book." —Amanda

Price: $11.90 Rating: 4.6 out of 5

4. A pair of lounge shorts perfect for running a mile or sitting on the couch getting ready to watch a new series on Netflix.

Promising Review: "I love these shorts! They are so comfortable but look much nicer than traditional sweat shorts. They're not nearly as tight as the spandex ones. I can wear them lounging around or working out, and they even have pockets!" —Lisa

Price: $9.99+ Rating: Sizes: XS-XL. Available in four colors.

5. A portable Bluetooth speaker that'll play your music loud and clear, which is perfect for all of the tailgating you'll be doing.

Promising Review: "The best speaker I've ever purchased. It has great sound, it's loud, and the battery lasts longer than any other speaker I've had. Four months later, we ran it over twice. Once with a Chevy 2500 and then a trailer, but GUESS WHAT — It still works! INCREDIBLE!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $24.99 Rating: 4.4 out of 5

6. A water-based exfoliator made with aloe vera so it's gentle enough to remove all of that *dead* skin just lying on top of your *bright and living* skin.

Promising Review: "I've been using this for about a year and it has drastically improved my skin. I was constantly battling with dead skin buildup, and I've tried a variety of exfoliating products. This product is gentle and effective!" —Megamom

Price: $25.50 Rating: 4.2 out of 5


7. A handy sound machine so you can block out all the bullshit and knock out to the sound of waves on the beach.

It comes with six different sound settings and can be timed for 15-minute intervals!

Promising Review: "My husband works nights so we ordered this to help dull the sounds of our small home. My son has kids knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell all day long and this machine has worked to completely dull the noise. The doorbell used to be loud enough to startle any one of us out of a deep sleep, but now it can't even be heard. The knocking on the door sounds like the faintest tap, and only if you're listening for it." —Amazon Customer

Price: $19.99 Rating: 4.3 out of 5

8. A ceramic flat iron that will reduce frizz with infrared technology while it straightens your hair, leaving it silky smooth.

Promising Review: "I've had this flat iron for five years now and it's really the best hair straightener ever. This iron has ceramic plates so it doesn't damage your hair, and along with straightening, it can curl your hair too!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $99.98 Rating: 3.5 out of 5

9. A bunch of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans with really weird flavors you'll probably regret putting in your mouth.

Promising Review: "These beans are a wonderful thing. The good flavors you can eat and are totally fantastic. The terrible flavors you can belittle your friends with. The in-between flavors? Like grass? They're largely there to confuse you, and do so wonderfully." —Nick

Price: $5.49 Rating: 4.5 out of 5

10. A K-Cup storage drawer to hold all of your extra coffee cups in one convenient place.

Promising Review: "I love that it's so decorative, not just solid or mesh on the sides and front. The front is flat and doesn't have a handle sticking out. I love the amount of K-Cups it holds and the fact that they stand up so the tops of them are easier to read. I looked at other similar drawers, but this one holds more K-Cups than the others. There are dividers between each row, which makes it easier for the K-Cups to stay where we place them." —Clarissa Dempsey

Price: $19.99 Rating: 4.8 out of 5


11. A microwave pasta cooker, making it millions of times easier to get your spaghetti to be al dente.

Promising Review: "It is durable, lightweight, and clear so you can see your pasta cooking. You don't have the lid on while it is cooking — you use the lid to strain the pasta while holding the unit upside down. You might think it would be a concern that the lid could slip, but it seems to fit solidly. It's long enough to cook spaghetti, but other pasta is good, too — we make ravioli and tortellini a lot. It uses less water, you don't have to heat up the kitchen, and it is easy to clean. Great to have." —David S.

Price: $14.51 Rating: 4.6 out of 5

12. A huge scarf for when you just need to bundle the fuck up and become a human burrito on the run.

Promising Review: "This scarf is so big and soft; I absolutely love it. The pattern and size are very true to the picture. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to have so much fabric around your neck, but it can easily be worn around the shoulders too; it's almost like a blanket that you can take outside. I love it." —Cecelia Sutton

Price: $10.99. Available in eight colors. Rating: 4.5 out of 5

13. A sporty pair of Nike sneakers so you can run miles upon miles just like when Forrest Gump was trying to get over Jenny.

Promising Review: "I wear them all the time for working out, Zumba, and walking. I've bought them in several other colors because they are so comfortable on my overworked, aging feet!" —BGHD

Price: $59.49+ Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Sizes: 4-12. Available in 35 colors.

14. Oribe dry shampoo and texturizing spray to clean and volumize your dirty-ass hair when you're literally on the go. / Via @oribe

Promising Review: "My favorite hair product! My hairdresser convinced me to switch to wash my hair every second day instead of every day. I thought that would mean a ponytail every other day, but the spray works like a dry shampoo, so I only wear a ponytail when I feel like it — not when my hair decides to. I like that it also gives a little volume. I use a bike helmet, so I spray my hair by the roots, and then when I take my helmet off I just have to brush my fingers through my hair, and most of the volume is back." —Amazon Customer

Price: $46 Rating: 4.0 out of 5


15. A quirky card game that'll teach your kiddo how to actually do math by adding up kings, queens, and knights to save the majestic Pancake Queen!

Promising Review: "My kids absolutely love this game. This is one of those games that does everything a parent wants. It is fun for adults, but two kids can play it without an adult helping once they have learned the rules. Parents, did you hear that? The game can be played by two kids relatively unsupervised! Players can do a little bit of addition, and for older kids it's easy to switch up that game mechanic to subtraction, in order to trade in more cards at time. The colorful illustrations remain interesting after dozens of plays. Let's review: it keeps kids occupied and cooperating with each other, enforces math skills, very cute art on the cards, and fun for adults to play with kids." —V. McMullen

Price: $7.96 Rating: 4.8 out of 5

16. A facial spray with a mix of herbal extracts and aloe vera to refresh and hydrate super tight and dry skin. / Via @mariobadescu

Promising Review: "I have combination skin. During the summer, it gets oily very fast and during the winter it is extremely dull and dry looking. My skin is sensitive and most of the time has a pinkish red color to it when it is dry and irritated. However, after using this spray, my skin is much healthier looking and has a dewy, fresh look. It even helped calm down the redness. I haven't had this for a full week and I'm head over heels in love and can't wait to order more of this stuff. Holy grail in my skincare routine now!" —Hayley O.

Price: $7 Rating: 4.5 out of 5

17. A comfy oversized sweater for keeping you nice and warm when that autumn breeze hits you.

Promising Review: "The sleeves are super long, which I love, and the colors are fun and bright. It's also long — it could be worn with leggings or as a short tunic-like look." —Emma

Price: $18.99 Rating: 4.0 out of 5 Sizes: S-XXXL. Available in eight colors.

18. A coffee kettle with a built-in thermometer so you won't ever have to worry about burning your coffee beans...or tongue.

Promising Review: "This little kettle is perfect for my needs! I wanted something that would heat water for one or two cups of coffee or tea. Having the thermometer is a real bonus — it's good to be able to see when the water temperature is just right. The kettle is well made and pours easily without any drips. Having the handle off to the side (not over the top of the lid) makes it very easy to fill, even from my pitcher of filtered water." —Susan

Price: $43.97 Rating: 4.8 out of 5


19. A cold-shoulder dress that is appropriate for literally any occasion.,

Promising Review: " A beautiful dress — light, airy, and looks just like the picture. It's thinly lined, well sewn, not see-through, and loose without being too oversized." —A.K.

Price: $12.99+ Rating: 4.1 out of 5 Sizes: S-XL. Available in 15 colors.

20. A stainless steel cleaner great for cleaning bits of crusty food off your cast-iron skillet without ruining the seasoning!

Promising Review: "Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Where has this thing been all these years? Why did the thought of a stainless-steel scrubber never enter my thoughts before? It's the perfect tool for the job of cleaning a cast iron the proper way. No soaps, no detergents, no frustration. Just the hottest water your kitchen sink can muster and vigorous agitation of the scrubber all throughout the pan — pay attention to the corners and other nooks of your pan. After a few minutes of that you will have a perfectly clean cast iron cooking surface. Add a touch of your favorite seasoning oil, work it in, and you're golden." —Pasta Fazzoo

Price: $14.99 Rating: 4.8 out of 5

21. A handy-dandy microwave rice steamer to have soft and fluffy rice every damn time.

Promising Review: "We have a 'traditional' rice cooker that produces sticky rice and it turns to mush in the bottom of the pot. Not this one. This makes great rice more quickly, and the texture is perfect. I REALLY like this thing. It also means we can get rid of another single-use kitchen gadget!" —Alan Williams

Price: $14.99 Rating: 4.3 out of 5

22. A no-spill ice cube tray, because spilling cold water on your toes or on your outfit right before you head out the door is a big no-no.

Promising Review: "This OXO ice cube tray does what it says it does: It makes good-sized ice cubes without spilling a drop. You fill the tray, smooth the blue silicone cover down with your hand and tip the tray up over the sink to let all the extra water out. Then freeze the tray. When you want to get the cubes out, you pull back the silicone top, give the tray a little twist and the cubes come out easily. I know it's silly to feel so happy about an ice cube tray, when there are so many more serious problems in the world. But this is one of those simple products that solves a trivial problem that drove me nuts for years." —Sybilla Goodall

Price: $9.99 Rating: 4.5 out of 5


23. A sushi card game to let everyone know just how adept you are at combining sushi dishes for points.

Grab the best combo of sushi dishes and sides to get the most points and beat your friends!

Promising Review: "This was the perfect game to have in our collection. Almost every time we have friends over, this game makes an appearance. It's pretty quick to play a game — it's perfect for those times when everyone wants something fun to do, but doesn't have the attention span to play a more complicated game, or to play in between other games just as something light and fun." —Amanda

Price: $8.41 Rating: 4.7 out of 5

24. And an off-the-shoulder shirt totally appropriate for meeting any hot celebrities for photo ops.

Promising Review: "It's super soft, has stretchy fabric, and even though it's casual, the cold shoulder detail makes it really stylish. It's also nice, flowy, and comfortable." —KH

Price: $9.90+ Rating: 4.0 out of 5 Sizes: XS-XXXL. Available in 33 colors.

Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.