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10 Things That Every Wilderness Generation Kid Remembers

As Pesach comes up, we remember that in each and every generation, we are required to see ourselves as having come out of Egypt. In a sense, we're all Wilderness g\Generation kids. Here's 10 things only Wilderness Generation kids will remember!

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1. All those plagues.

Steve Kirby / Via

Of course, the frogs were your favorite.

2. That moment when the sea split in front of you

Quentin Tarantino / Via

#blessed #IWillSingToGod

3. The constant kvetching

Bruce Willis / Via

Oy vey, it never ends!

4. Mt. Sinai and the Tablets

Mel Brooks / Via

Mel knows - it ruled!

5. That thing... with the calf...

New World Pictures / Via

Sure, you were visiting your aunt. We all were visiting our aunt. Good luck with that excuse.

6. When you're sick of all that manna

Volkswagen / Via

Some onions, some cucumbers, quail meat - anything to break up the monotony!

7. The spies

Adam Sandler / Via

You just had to panic, didn’t you?

8. 40 years in the desert

Giphy / Via


9. Korah swallowed by the earth

NT News / Via

Florida ain't got NOTHIN' on ME*, baby!

*ME in this case = God

10. Moses' last speech

The Simpsons / Via

No speech should have 30 chapters.

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