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11 Signs You're Dating A Vampire

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1. They never take you out for brunch because sunlight.

Alpha/(CC BY-SA http://2.0)Flickr: avlxyz

I guess there'll be no Eggs Benedict for you...

2. And Italian food is forever out of the question.


Maybe garlic bread isn't for everybody.

3. You've been together forever, but they look like they haven't aged a day.


That can't be natural. Can it?

4. They're mysteriously missing from all of the photos you've taken together.

David Amsler/(CC BY http://2.0)/Peter Pearson/(CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: amslerpix / Flickr: peterpearson

What sort of witchcraft is this?!

5. Their wardrobe is slightly out of the ordinary.

Black lace and parasols definitely make a statement...
Frank Kovalchek/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 72213316@N00

Black lace and parasols definitely make a statement...

6. They sometimes get the WEIRDEST cravings.

Lionsgate/Daybreakers / Via

The heart wants what the heart wants. Right? Catch Daybreakers on the BuzzFeed Block this Saturday at 8/7c and again at 10/9c on IFC!

7. They have really dated taste in music.

Who knew there was music from before 1880?

8. And all of their pop-culture references are from 15th-Century Transylvania.

AIP / The Raven / Via

But maybe they were just a European history major??

9. Sometimes they're nowhere to be found, but when you come home there's a surprise bat in your bedroom.


What does it mean?!

10. It's like their skin literally refuses to tan.


Maybe they just have a R E A L L Y strong sunscreen.

11. And they never want you to sleep over at theirs.


They don't have a bed... but there is a random coffin in their basement? Weird.