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13 Times You Know You're In Way Over Your Head

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1. When you volunteer to babysit for your friends...


...only to realize you've never actually changed a diaper before in your entire life.

2. When you decide that, you know what, maybe you should cut your own hair.



3. When you think giving your cat a bath will be a painless experience.

4. When you order something fancy-sounding at a restaurant to impress your date...


...but when the food arrives your dinner is actually still alive.

5. When a gang of very angry thugs confuse you with someone else.

The Big Lebowski/Gramercy Pictures / Via

6. When you can't tell if your new co-workers are speaking in acronyms, abbreviations, or actual words.

7. When the doctor says, "So this might hurt a little."

8. When you "massage the truth" on your resume because "everybody does it"...


...and then you get the job and are asked to use those skills like RIGHT NOW.

9. When you decide to live with eight roommates you just met on Craigslist.

10. When you travel to a new country, and you don't quite get the local customs.

Ace Ventura When Nature Calls/Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

11. When you realize everything you know about the conversation at hand is word for word from a Wikipedia article.


Um, er, uh, citation needed?

12. When you move in with your significant other...


...and realize that they literally have no clue how to take care of themselves.

13. When you offer to give all the homeless cats a place to sleep.


Does anyone need anything? Anything at all?