12 Signs That You Need A New Gig

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1. You hear “clean up in aisle nine” so often it’s practically your new nickname.

2. You’ve somehow managed to memorize every produce code in the grocery store.

But you can’t remember your mom’s phone number. Or birthday. Oof.

3. You feel like you just can’t trust your co-workers.

4. (Seriously, they are the worst.)

Ben Rosen / BuzzFeed

5. And you have a sneaking suspicion your boss doesn’t, uh, love you.

Shoulder, meet cold.

6. You have PTSD from all your milk frother burns.

Coffee Town / College Humor / Via coffeetownmovie.tumblr.com

7. And the break room is a graveyard of inconvenience.


8. You’ve gone on at least one blind date without realizing you’re still wearing a hairnet.

Undo undo undo undo.

9. The customers are pretty much always the worst.

The Wrestler / Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via purpleshirtalert.tumblr.com

Don’t miss three-time Independent Spirit Award winner The Wrestler, starting at 7:45/8:45c on IFC, and stay tuned for this year’s Independent Spirit Awards right after.

10. (Come on, who pays for a candy bar with a check?)

11. Your only creative outlet comes with a mop and a bucket.

12. And you fantasize about quitting every. Single. DAY.

Aaaaaand then you look at your bank balance.

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