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13 Reasons Why Volunteering Abroad Will Be The Making Of You

You will learn invaluable skills, make new besties, and find a brand-new self-confidence. Not bad, eh?

1. It will probably be the most challenging thing you have ever done.

2. You will start learning a foreign language.

3. You will try local delicacies.

4. You will make friends for life.

5. You will be proven wrong.

6. You will become part of another family.

7. You will make a real difference.

8. Which will make you feel prouder than ever before.

9. And it will inspire you to make a real difference at home.

10. So you can teach others what you have learned.

11. Which will give you the confidence to believe in yourself...

12. ...and believe in others.

13. And it could be the making of you.

So are you up to the test? ICS offers 3-month placements across Africa, Asia and Latin America for UK 18 – 25 year olds. ICS is funded by the UK Government so you don't need cash, skills or qualifications to take part – just the ambition to make a difference. Become a volunteer today.