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15 Funniest GIFs Of People Caught Off Guard

Life is full of unexpected incidents. Be prepared and save yourself some social embarrassment with Ice Breakers Cool Blasts Chews.

1. This recent grad whose triumph was a bit short-lived:

2. This birthday party that accidentally turned into a pool party:

3. This dude who really underestimated his treadmill:

4. These newlyweds who were literally swept off their feet:

5. This girl who suddenly realized she might be in the frame:

6. This man who literally got slapped by a fish:

7. This girl whose moves were just too much for the sink:

8. This sign kicker who got a taste of karmic retribution:

9. This model who was a little too fabulous for the runway:

10. This dance video that didn't get finished in time:

11. This drive-thru employee who's really seen it all now:

12. This girl who will never walk around in the mud again:

13. This incredibly confusing handshake:

14. This recliner that knows how to throw a mean punch:

15. And this first impression with a dramatic twist ending:

Sometimes you just don't see it coming. Be prepared for any social situation with Ice Breakers Cool Blasts Chews.

Embarrassing things happen, but bad breath doesn't have to be one of them.