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    Waking Up At 3:00 AM Still Not Knowing If Its A School Day Or Not. . .

    If I have school I'm doomed. . .

    I was tired when I first woke up very early, but I thought "mind as well get my Chromebook!"

    Isla Baron / Via I took it

    So I went on the couch because, my sister snores and it is worse than nails on a chalkboard so I went downstairs and left her. . .

    I started feeling a little drowsy and tired again but I tried staying awake. . . and I did.

    pinterest / Via I saved it

    I was very tired I am now it literally 4:43 AM!

    When I came downstairs I did sleep but then I decided "I can't sleep" so I just woke up, and started looking at buzzfeed.

    Giphy / Via I saved it

    nice I am making myself stay awake my mother could wake up soon and find me here alone, in the dark, on buzzfeed. . .

    So I took a little screen time break

    Isla Baron / Via I took it

    I now I used my screen to take a picture, but then I took a little break. . .

    I literally feel like doing this rn.

    Pinterest / Via I saved it

    I know it will hurt but what else can I do, I'm a ten year old coffee is bitter muck for me. . .

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